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Magazines, like newspapers, have become an integral part of the media. Only they are much better and more interesting to read, the format is more convenient and there is the possibility of placing glossy pictures. There you can learn about fashionable outfits, about recipes and about the latest in technology, the book market.

Magazines do not come out as often as newspapers, so the efficiency fades to another plan. But there is an opportunity to cover events in more detail, conduct analytics, and take an extensive interview. Magazines in the world are very popular, with millions of copies. We will tell below about the most popular magazines in the world.

Newsweek. As the name implies, the magazine covers the news that happened over the week. It contains articles, discussions and opinions of the most authoritative experts on the events that took place. It seems that this format should be boring, because it is not for fans of fashion or entertainment. Nevertheless, the publication tries to seriously tell the news in the world, attracting smart readers. The magazine selects the most pressing issues and discusses them. In other words, it is a special and high quality newsletter paper. Also in Newsweek you can find news from the world of show business. And the magazine was founded back in 1933 by the former editor of "Time" Thomas Martin, coming out in the same format. Since 1937, the editorial board of the authoritative publication "Today" joined the magazine. The headquarters of the magazine is located in New York; there are also foreign publications in 7 languages. Despite a high circulation of 3.16 million, Newsweek is a loss-making venture. It was acquired from the Washington Post in 2009 by billionaire Sidney Harman.

Playboy. This monthly magazine has been published since 1953. It was released by Hugh Heffner, who, based on his popular brainchild, built an entire empire of adult entertainment with a publishing house at its core. Thanks to Playboy, ordinary men and even teenagers have an easy opportunity to touch the world of sex and beauty. The pages of the magazine are given to half-dressed beauties. Even the stars - Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Pamela Anderson, Cindy Crawford - were considered an honor to appear in Playboy. The magic of the magazine is that it satisfies deep male instincts. Playboy also publishes interviews with celebrities and stories of the most famous writers. Over the years, the magazine has published works by Arthur Clarke, Ian Fleming, Stephen King and Stanislav Lem. Hugh Heffner himself says that he never considered his magazine devoted to sex. It is a lifestyle publication where sex really matters. The magazine uses beautiful girls as a way to attract. Inside, the reader is invited to see what the world might be like tomorrow. It is no coincidence that Playboy let Martin Luther King, Fidel Castro, Yasser Arafat and John Lennon speak out on their pages. The popular magazine is published in more than 40 countries around the world. At the same time, beauties and heroes change, but Playboy's unique playful style remains. The total circulation of the publication is 3.215 million copies.

People. They say that this magazine fully reveals the interests of people. We can even say that he "spies" on us in order to find out something interesting from our life. This American weekly has made a name for itself by coming up with various interesting ratings. It may be "the best dressed star", "the best chef in the world." The magazine is generally focused on all major areas of human life. And the first issue of the magazine was published in 1974, Time Inc. is engaged in publishing. The focus is on the lives of celebrities. From 1998 to 2006, there was also a youth version of Teen People magazine. And among the nominations, the most prestigious is "the sexiest man". It was twice dominated by George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp. The total circulation of the weekly is 3.625 million copies.

BusinessWeek. It is considered good practice to have this magazine in any library, good office, or business classroom. It may seem surprising that BusinessWeek is so popular. After all, the events of the business world and their analysis are rather boring for the average person. But the magazine is famous for its bold and outspoken articles, keeping its own opinion. Many companies trust this business publication's research and credibility. Several pages are devoted to how politics affects the business world. A true entrepreneur shouldn't miss a magazine like this. 57 issues are published per year, while the total circulation of the publication is almost a million copies. BusinessWeek is read by about 5.6 million people. And the magazine began to be published in 1929. The editor-in-chief was Malcolm Moore, then head of McGraw-Hill. Since 1988, BusinessWeek has been publishing an MBA ranking of American business schools. Since 2005, the publication has been reducing its European and Asian versions. The magazine will be published in a single version and will become global for the whole world. The Russian edition was closed in 2008.

Ladies's Home Journal. Any American housewife, in addition to tons of literature with cooking recipes, has this magazine in her arsenal. It is the leading publication for women, covering everything that interests them. These are the secrets of beauty, relationships, fashion, food, animals and games, children and sex. The history of the magazine dates back to 1883. It was originally only a supplement to the Tribune and Farmer edition. The editor's wife, Louise Knapp Curtis, has taken over a new magazine for women. It quickly gained popularity, becoming the first American magazine to have a circulation of over a million copies in 1907. Ladies's Home Journal, along with its competitors for the right to rule over women's minds in America, united under the name "7 Sisters". The magazine peaked in the 1960s, with a circulation of 6.8 million. The magazine's popularity is based on low subscription costs, which are offset by advertising. 11 issues are published per year. And the total circulation for today is 3.26 million copies.

TIME. This magazine is the most popular in the United States with a circulation of 3.4 million copies. The weekly provides the news that you want to know, filtering out the unnecessary. The magazine is called a genius, because it has become a platform for the most discussed events in the world. TIME talks about the most famous personalities, gives you the opportunity to discuss the hottest topics. The magazine also summarizes the ratings of people for certain intervals (years, centuries). It is TIME, represented by its editor-in-chief, who determines the person of the year. At different times, Hitler and Stalin, Gorbachev and Zuckerberg became them, collective images are also used - an American soldier or a protester. The magazine has a proprietary format - concise articles tell about the most important events of the week in the field of politics, business, sports, law, religion and art. The history of the creation of the magazine dates back to 1923. Students Henry Lewis and Brighton Haden decided to release such a publication at a secret meeting of the Skull and Bones organization at Yale University. Today TIME is the backbone of the world's largest media holding, Time Warner. The magazine is also published in Europe (London), Asia (Hong Kong) and Australia (Sydney).

Women’s Day. Comedians advise a man that if an angry wife is waiting in the office after a long day at home, then he should go to the supermarket and buy this magazine. The reward will be the long silence of the passionate wife. The magazine contains home decor ideas, relationship advice and lifestyle tips. Women will learn the secrets of style, nutrition and beauty. The weekly is part of the Seven Sisters group. The American edition began in 1931 as a free collection of recipes and menu planning. It was planned that, thanks to the publication, customers will buy more food and goods in grocery stores. In 1936, with the opening of the first modern supermarket in Pennsylvania, the magazine began selling for 2 cents, now it has significantly expanded the subject matter. Now it has tips on childcare, embroidery, healthy living and home economics. The magazine was originally sold exclusively through the A @ P supermarket chain until it was sold to Fawcett in 1958. The highest circulation of the edition was recorded in 1965. Then 6.5 million Women’s Day were sold. Today, the circulation is more modest - 3.8 million copies. The magazine is published monthly and has an audience of over 22 million people. The Women’s Day website alone is visited by about 70 thousand people daily.

Family Circle. The Americans decided to respond to specialized women's magazines. This edition is intended for the whole family. The bulk of the magazine is devoted to talking about holidays, food and decor, style, beauty and fashion, pets and charity. In a word, the information will be interesting for the whole family. The magazine can be read endlessly, as regards not only young women, but also their spouses. And especially for mothers and teenagers, even their own social network was launched in 2009. The Family Circle is now published 15 times a year with a circulation of 3.8 million copies. And the magazine first appeared on supermarket shelves in 1932, spreading in large retail chains. From 1971 to 1994, The New York Times owned the publication. The magazine is also a member of the Seven Sisters, sponsoring the women's tennis tournament in Charleston.

Better Homes and Gardens. People want to know much more about the finest homes and gardens than about politics or show business. If the house is in chaos, and the pool is dirty, then you can do without calling the appropriate services. And this particular magazine will help, which will tell you what to do. It also contains recipes and tips, home decorating ideas, gardening, entertainment and party articles. The magazine will tell about healthy lifestyles and family relationships, as well as caring for pets. The best editors from all over America create such interesting and unique content. The magazine is published 12 times and is published by Meredith Corporation. It was Edwin Meredith who founded the magazine in 1922, serving as President Wilson's agricultural aides. The magazine has become so popular that today it is a whole brand that even sells home decor under the brand name. The magazine has been on sale in Australia since 1978, and there is even a television show of the same name. The name of the popular magazine has been repeatedly mentioned in TV shows, songs and videos. The total circulation of the publication today exceeds 7.6 million copies.

Reader's Digest. And the record holder among all magazines is the most common "Reader's Digest". This faithful companion of any person usually accompanies his meal, and he satisfies the common interests. A simple magazine has proven to be so popular that it is bought more often than others. And the reason is simple - it alone contains all the most interesting from different areas. In the digest you can find articles on health and recipes, interesting stories and anecdotes, there are also games to fill your leisure time. The magazine also publishes a series of books under the Reader's Digest Favorites. The main audience is educated elderly people. In many ways, it is they who provide an impressive circulation of 12 million copies. The global edition is published in 70 countries of the world, reaching a circulation of 40 million. And this despite the fact that the magazine format is quite compact - it is a widow smaller than most other magazines. This magazine was founded in 1922 by DeWitt Wallace and Leela Bella Wallace. Davitt, recovering from his wounds in the First World War, decided to create a sample of his favorite articles on various issues. This is how this magazine was formed. Since his very first release, he has held a rather conservative view of political and social issues. However, the activities of the "Reader's Digest" have recently been actively criticized, even reaching the courts. After all, the company is actively promoting its products to elderly readers, often simply deceiving them about a certain win in the lottery.


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