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These men are distinguished by independence and integrity. Stanislavovichs have their own opinion on everything, rarely change it, although they listen to the opinions of other people.

They like to make decisions only after a comprehensive analysis of the situation. These men are distinguished by a kind and sincere attitude towards people, which is why there are many good friends around them, always ready to help.

At work, they prefer to give all their best, often stay after the end of the working day to finish the task. And this does not go unnoticed by the authorities - the Stanislavovichs are rapidly moving up the career ladder.

A woman who enters the crown with the owner of this patronymic will be truly happy and will never regret her decision. After all, these men are capable of great and deep feelings, treating their spouse with tremendous respect, honoring her opinions, discussing all problems with her.

Stanislavovich will always seek a compromise in conflict family situations. The owners of this patronymic are very economic, they like to make something, teach children how to work.

Those born in the summer delay the choice of a wife, starting a family only after thirty years.

Those born in winter have an explosive character and, in a fit of anger, can do irreparable deeds, however, moving away from emotions, they always admit what they have done. These men do not always respond adequately to humor addressed to them.

In Stanislavovna, emotions prevail over reason. At the same time, she herself does not always understand that in the heat of emotions she can commit a rash act.

The attitude to work in such women is truly masculine - she takes on many responsibilities, overwork, stays late. But for some reason this is not appreciated by the management, maybe due to the fact that, apart from diligence, there is no invention? That is why these women rarely make it to the top, remaining at the middle stages of the career ladder.

Stanislavovna has few close friends, because of her prickly character. It is difficult for the owners of such a middle name to converge with people, but they part easily, because they do not value friends.

They get married several times until they meet a calm, balanced man who is indifferent to her emotional outbursts. With the birth of children, Stanislavovna changes, directing all her energy to their upbringing.

At home this woman is in order, but no more. The Stanislavovna love to visit, but they themselves do not like to host friends.

Winter-born Stanislavovna, easy to communicate, love reading and music. Among her hobbies are telephone conversations, these women are prone to smoking.

Summer Stanislavovna is more inclined to communicate, likes to spend time with friends, both men and women.

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