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Men with the patronymic Semenovich have an extremely contradictory character. On the one hand, they show themselves as kind and even sympathetic people, try to help in difficult times, lend a shoulder to a friend who is in a difficult situation.

On the other hand, they can be petty, trying to find benefits for themselves in everything, and prudence and cunning sometimes make them not very decent people in the eyes of others.

Semenovichs are not always sincere, they can smile in their eyes and scatter in compliments, and behind their backs say fictitious, unpleasant things about a person.

These men are quite careful and prudent, do not like to act rashly and thoughtlessly, always try to weigh the pros and cons before taking the next step.

At the same time, the Semenovichs are pleasant people to talk to, they know how to listen to their interlocutor and even give practical advice.

They are quite hardworking and efficient in their work, the management, as a rule, sees these men as good specialists and, if possible, encourages them.

The house and family of the Semyonovichs does not appear immediately, therefore they value their family hearth and carefully guard it.

Women with the patronymic Semyonovna are extremely perspicacious and prudent. They can easily anticipate the situation and easily get around sharp corners.

By nature, these persons are endowed with a subtle instinct and even the gift of a psychologist; finding a common language with any person will not be difficult for them. Resourcefulness and developed intuition help women with the patronymic Semenovna easily move forward towards their goals and achieve what they want.

External attractiveness, charm, coquetry, the ability to dress well and tastefully, of course, attracts men to Semyonovna, and women, as a rule, envy her.

At work, Semyonovna are distinguished by their diligence and their competent, judicious approach to business. They love order and that everything is done on time, so they make good leaders.

Free time for these women is always scheduled by the clock, because they are addicted natures who love to try themselves in different activities: they can go to an exhibition, to a cinema, do handicrafts and household chores, or go on a date with an interesting man.

Having married, Semyonovna devotes a lot of time to her family, loves it when the house is clean, cozy, smells of pies, and her husband and children are happy and surrounded by affection.

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