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Men with the patronymic Innokentievich have a balanced, calm character. It is comfortable to be around such people. They are reliable people, you can rely on them in everything and feel like behind a stone wall.

These people are not afraid of any work, they are hardworking, they never divide household chores into male and female. Innokentyevichs love to observe the measure in everything, they never go to extremes. They are not characterized by a sharp change in mood, they know how to restrain their emotions, even when they feel unwell.

The Innokentyevichs take their duties seriously, show extreme perseverance in their work and study and will always complete the work they have begun. They are not careerists, they will never walk over corpses to achieve their goals, although, thanks to their attitude to official duties, they often quickly and successfully advance in the service.

They never allow themselves to dissolve, offend neither men, nor, moreover, women, they try not to enter into conflict, they are always restrained and polite with all people, for which they are respected.

In their free time, Innokentievichs like to lie on a soft sofa and read the latest news in newspapers, exciting and action-packed detective stories, watch their favorite programs on TV, sometimes go to the cinema and enjoy the latest film distribution.

These men are housekeepers, they will never refuse to help their loved ones around the house, go to the store and buy everything they need without squandering on trifles.

Innokentievichi can cook well and sometimes spoil their home and guests with new culinary arts. They take the family very seriously and stand guard over the interests of their relatives and friends.

Women with the patronymic Innokentievna are very lively, mobile and never sit still. They are persistent and always get their way. Innokentievna are very touchy, they remember offenses for a long time, but do not take revenge.

These women are cheerful, cheerful, sociable, good storytellers. They are gladly invited to large companies and corporate parties. Innokentievna loves to invite guests to her place and treat them deliciously, for the sake of them the hostess will certainly concoct another culinary masterpiece.

They have many friends and girlfriends who love them and turn a blind eye to all their flaws. These women are responsive and always ready to help at the first call of friends.

Usually they are very musical, have a good ear and at parties can perform both an old romance and a popular hit and cause a sea of ​​applause from those present. Innokentyevny love to dance, while they are very graceful and plastic.

In their free time, they are not alien to playing sports: swimming, skiing, and often rhythmic gymnastics. Sitting in one place is not typical for Innokentyevs, they always want something new, variety, so they travel a lot.

Their real calling is home and family. They make wonderful housewives who cook very tasty, know how and love to bake pies, cookies and cakes.

They love to dress beautifully, therefore they create a unique and individual image with their own hands. Many men like them, fall in love without memory, and then, often, suffer. They are married several times.

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