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About men with such a patronymic, we can say that they are extremely independent people and materialists by nature. They do not like to show their weaknesses or ask someone for help, preferring to cope with all difficulties and difficult situations alone.

The Ignatievichs have an analytical mind and easily master all technical professions, even at home they can easily figure out the structure of the most complex mechanisms and fix them, therefore they are often called jack of all trades.

Such people turn out to be first-class specialists, since it is difficult to find more competent employees who clearly know their field of activity, for which colleagues deeply respect and deservedly appreciate the Ignatievichs.

In addition, they are quite ambitious and capable of achieving a lot in their work, and sometimes they manage to make a career without any special problems and obstacles.

In relation to relatives and friends, the Ignatievichs are not too trusting and only carefully checked people are allowed close to them. Such men love women and sometimes do not marry for a long time, preferring informal relationships and short novels.

However, having married, they completely give themselves up to household chores, beloved wife and children, for the sake of whom they are ready for anything and to whom they devote almost all their free time.

Ignatievna are women with a difficult character, they are impulsive, often act under the influence of emotions and cannot always stop in time. It's not easy with such wayward persons, besides, they are touchy, and even little things can ruin their mood.

But fortunately, the Ignatievna do not hold any grudge and quickly withdraw, preferring to speak openly in person about their grievances and claims. These are extremely independent women who do not like to obey, therefore at work they always strive to take a leading position.

However, in the role of a boss, Ignatievna are not very good, since they do not tolerate criticism and objections addressed to themselves and demand from their subordinates unquestioning fulfillment of their orders.

In addition, the Ignatievna are very active in everything related to organizational activities, they like to be the ringleaders and often find themselves in the center of events. Sometimes they say about such women that this is a "man in a skirt", and all because they are keenly interested in politics, like to watch analytical programs, go in for sports, and sometimes even horseback riding.

In terms of housekeeping, they are economical enough, calculate all their expenses, and sometimes they can be tight-fisted and even stingy.

Despite the keen interest of men in women like Ignatievna, they do not strive to get married and start a family quite late.

Being married, they do not devote too much time to household chores and chores, raising children is often shifted to grandmothers, and they prefer to relax separately from husband and family.


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