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These men are distinguished by great determination and perseverance, they will do everything possible and impossible to achieve their goal. It happens that the path to the goal is long and thorny, but this does not stop the Evgenievichs.

Holders of this patronymic are irreplaceable employees, largely due to their enormous efficiency. It's not a problem for them to come earlier, but to leave later.

With all this, the Evgenievichs can hardly be called people of a team; it is more natural for them to work alone, even if it takes more time and effort.

They are characterized by leadership traits, at least there is no problem to take responsibility where others do not dare. It's just that finding their niche in life for these people is quite difficult, it happens that they find their place already in adulthood.

The owners of such a patronymic can hardly be called a company of soul, they are usually serious, thoughtful, they hardly find friends for themselves and parting with them is just as difficult for them. At the same time, the Evgenievichs are usually exemplary husbands, not looking for adventure, economic and loving children.

The owners of this middle name are usually housewives, they are kind and sympathetic. The Evgenievna, although rather hardworking, do not strive to make a career.

For them, it is more interesting to chat with girlfriends, live or on the phone, or have fun, and they can easily throw out something reckless or extravagant.

Evgenievna is always the center of attention of others and in the center of all news and events, it is interesting with them both to just talk, killing time, and to discuss some serious problem. It's just the perfect conversation partner.

These women are distinguished by the fact that they sacredly believe in friendship, in her face you will find an ideal friend with whom you can not only spend time, but also get the help you need at a difficult moment.

They are excellent wives, loyal, devoted and domestic. Evgenievna wholeheartedly gives herself up to the issues of maintaining home comfort and raising children, of course, sometimes she can forget about cooking dinner for many hours of conversation with a friend, but the woman she loves is forgiven not for such weaknesses, right? But these women are adored by children, finding in them not only a mother, but also a friend.

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