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These men will always be in the center of attention of any company - they are very sociable, funny, know a lot of jokes and toasts, play the guitar and love to sing. The Emmanuilovichs are innovators, while they often successfully implement their new ideas.

These men always show their initiative, try to be creative and non-standard in solving their problems. This is just a gushing incessantly generator of ideas!

The owners of such a middle name are incorrigible optimists who see the world in rosy tones and nothing can convince them. While doing work, they can get so carried away by it that they forget about everything in the world.

These men make good scientists, programmers, creative workers - actors, directors. Emmanuilovichs have great vitality, while often doing several things at the same time.

These men marry solely for love. At home, the golden hands of such men keep everything in order. These men love their children, often take them with them on hikes and travel.

Emmanuilovichs, born in winter, are uncompromising and rare maximalists. These are male conquerors who throw all their strength into achieving the woman they like, beating her off from a friend or husband.

These women are domestic "kitties", cute, cuddly. Emmanuilovna love comfort in their little world, avoiding quarrels and scandals.

They are absolutely not vindictive - they quickly forgive a person, seeing his remorse. These women prefer to always have people around them - loneliness oppresses them.

At work, such women are appreciated, they are responsible, smart, but still their vocation is family and home. The Emmanuilovna are very hospitable, but they themselves do not like to visit friends.

These women have a well-developed intuition, they are well versed in people, so it is difficult to deceive them. They pay a lot of attention to their appearance and, since they have a good figure, they are simply irresistible. And add to this a wonderful voice, the ability to dance, charming eyes ... Men are just crazy about them!

The Emmanuilovna's spouse is chosen very carefully, for sure, trying to confirm their love, therefore they are not mistaken in feelings, which leads to a happy marriage.

At home, these women fully realize themselves, with pleasure devoting their time to cooking delicious food, cleaning, raising children. They like to have a rest with their family, leaving not very close to the house in nature.

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