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Men with the patronymic Albertovich are very temperamental, quick-tempered and slightly unbalanced. They are very sociable and open people, they always have many friends, however, in case of disappointment in one of them, they do not dramatize about this.

Such men value responsibility, decency and professional qualities in people. At the same time, they themselves are quite purposeful, persistent and know how to foresee the situation, thanks to which they achieve their goals and reach great heights in their careers and in sports.

Albertovichs are talented, interesting people, but in no case do not tolerate pressure from outside. This sometimes interferes with the construction of family life, as wives often try to lead them, which leads to conflicts, and sometimes to separation. Therefore, marriage is often unhappy.

However, with all this, the Albertovichs enjoy success with women who are attracted by their activity, brightness and outstanding mind.

They rarely come to visit, preferring to spend all their free time with children or with a close family circle.

Women with such a middle name are full of self-esteem. However, they have a difficult character, they can often flare up, but at the same time they quickly withdraw and, what is important, they know how to forgive.

They often lack firmness in decision-making, constant doubts prevent them from quickly and correctly making choices, which leads to rash actions.

It should be said that Albertovna are quite ambitious people, strive for leadership in everything and are ready to work hard to achieve their goals. Such people are always appreciated and respected in the team.

The Albertovna do not let anyone close to them, but are friends only with those they need or with whom it is beneficial to be friends at this stage. Such women, despite the fact that they cannot be called very sociable, can win people over to themselves, make acquaintances with those who can be used sooner or later, and keep in touch with them in any way.

Albertovna do not like noisy companies, they feel comfortable and alone. In their free time they can go in for sports, swimming, but at the same time they read a lot, are good at drawing and dancing.

These are beautiful, attractive women, they always draw attention to themselves, but despite the popularity they enjoy with men, the Albertovna have a family and children late.

However, when they get married, they become wonderful housewives, devoted wives, and good mothers, although children are often raised by the "carrot and stick" method.

Being exemplary in family life, the Albertovny are very jealous and never forgive betrayal.

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