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Marilyn Monroe's life was eventful. But Marilyn Monroe had her own secrets, which her friends continue to hide, traces of which are found in personal belongings.

Born Norma Jeane Baker grew up in a fatherless family. In a modest girl-neighbor, no one could make out the future world sex symbol. Already the first films of the actress "Choristers" and "All About Eve" made Marilyn popular.

But in the 1950s, everyone was still interested not in her work, but in her personal life. Then suddenly the actress receives a dog from Frank Sinatra as a gift, and then suddenly suddenly flies to New York to congratulate President Kennedy on his birthday.

It is now clear that the best role of the actress was her own life. She was brighter and more interesting than all her characters. And the sudden and contradictory death gave rise to many mysteries and investigations. The press and fans tried to reveal the main secret of Marilyn Monroe.

Against the background of this turmoil, no one was interested in other secrets of the actress. Her friends and colleagues in Hollywood have been able to keep these secrets for many years. And the personal letters, diaries and accounts of the actress remained hidden from the public for a long time. What we have learned about her lately shows that Monroe was a smart person, suffering and willing to share with the public everything she has. We will talk about some of the secrets of the great actress.

Marilyn's mother tried to kill her. Throughout her life, Marilyn has told a terrible story about her childhood. The first memory of her life was when her mother tried to strangle her. The child was lying in bed, and the mother wanted to kill the girl with a pillow. It is not known what drove Mrs. Baker, and whether it really was all. The fact remains that Marilyn was later taken away from his own mother and sent to an orphanage. The woman was always afraid that her mother's mental illness could be transmitted to her, that she could go to a hospital. And somehow Marilyn even went to a psychiatric hospital herself. But that experience was so unpleasant and unsuccessful that it only reinforced the fear of insanity.

Marilyn worked in a factory. Before appearing in Hollywood and becoming famous all over the world, Marilyn was an ordinary girl without family and money. She changed several orphanages until, at the age of 15, the girl was not expelled from school at all. Then she decided to start an adult life by marrying her beloved boyfriend Jimmy Dougherty. Marilyn thought it would be better for her. But the young husband set off to sail, becoming a sailor in the merchant marine. Marilyn got a job at an aircraft factory, but this was not at all the cozy family life she wanted. True, it was at the production site that the fateful meeting with the photographer David Conover took place. He took propaganda pictures of working American women. A couple of months later, Marilyn was already in Hollywood. And when Jimmy returned home, his wife was already a star, having changed her name.

Plastic surgery. The producers wanted their star to be the most natural, classic American beauty possible. And Marilyn was like that until 1950. Then the woman underwent two plastic surgeries at once, correcting her nose and chin. This was required to achieve the desired image, invented specifically for Marilyn. The star had to portray with all her appearance a stupid and naive blonde. The initially incorrect taste was corrected, the stylists selected a wardrobe, worked on beauty and beauticians. This is how the image that appeared before the audience in 1953 in the film "Niagara" was finally formed. In those years, cosmetic surgery was not at all as common as it is in Hollywood today. Marilyn had to go to clinics under false names so that no one would find out about her secret. Throughout her life, the actress suffered from low self-esteem and anxiety. She often locked herself in the dressing room for hours, skipping filming. But never again Monroe resorted to the services of plastic surgeons.

Marble balls in bras. Marilyn Monroe became famous largely due to her sexy figure. The woman made a lot of efforts to keep her body in good shape. She paid special attention to the bust. Fearing to lose the shape of her breasts, the woman even wore a bra at night. So she struggled with sagging. Marilyn learned to add piquancy to her breasts by sewing marble balls into bras. And when they were not at hand, she simply sewed a few small buttons, achieving the same effect.

Fluff on the face. Every day of the actress began with the fact that she applied a huge amount of creams and powders to her face. They were supposed to improve the appearance of the actress in the frame. The effect of the funds really was, which was noted by the partners on the set. But the woman had to apply a thick layer of petroleum jelly and cream with hormones several times a day. As a result of this, vellus hair began to grow on the actress's face. She herself believed that thanks to them, the skin perfectly captures the light of the lamps. But photographers also had to adapt to this appearance, using special lenses or lighting. The fact is that the face of the actress seemed to emit light. And although many asked Monroe to shave off her vellus hair, she categorically refused to do so. The actress jokingly boasted that of all Hollywood actresses she has the most lush beard.

Own library. Despite her frivolous image, Marilyn Monroe was not at all like that in life. She was very fond of reading, and her personal library consisted of more than 400 books. There was fiction, and biographies of people, personal diaries of Monroe herself. The books helped the actress fight insomnia. She considered them to be her personal refuge. And with the help of diaries, the woman shared her confused feelings with the paper. Among the books of Monroe there was a place for complex works: three volumes of "The Life and Works of Sigmund Freud", "Ulysses" by James Joyce.

The famous scene as a reason for divorce. The scene above the sewer grate in New York became a classic for the actress's work. A stream of air from below lifted the woman's dress. During the filming, no one could have thought that this would affect Marilyn's personal life and lay the foundation for a divorce. The second husband of the actress was baseball player Joe DiMaggio, who was just present at that moment on the set of "The Seven Year Itch." He was angered by the director's behavior, who wanted to do several takes of the scene above the bars. A jealous spouse could not bear the fact that his wife is showing her underwear to the whole world. The shooting turned into a quarrel, the conflict with DiMaggio continued. My husband did not like how Monroe's career and her way of life were being built.

Miscarriages. And although the actress did not have a stable family, her own home, she herself dreamed of children and her nest. Married Monroe visited three times, but she was able to get pregnant only with her third husband, Arthur Miller. Unfortunately, she could not bear the children - all three pregnancies ended in miscarriages. The actress tried to somehow satisfy her maternal instinct with the children of Arthur, Bobby and Jane. She wrote kind letters to them, gave them pets and taught them life.

Bad memory. Despite star status, working with Marilyn was not easy for partners and directors. And this despite the fact that she took the matter seriously, with all dedication. The actress did not allow herself to joke and laugh, as the others did. But at the same time, she memorized her remarks extremely poorly, despite all her reading. Sometimes it took 60 takes to shoot a scene. The main star constantly confused her words or completely forgot them.

To work naked. One day, Marilyn Monroe appeared nude at the shooting of her last film "Something Has Got to Happen." According to the script, the actress was supposed to swim in the pool in a flesh-colored swimsuit, but the woman decided to do without him. Filming delays due to the constant delays of the actress cost thousands of dollars. Then Monroe decided to compensate the producers by appearing on the screens naked. And she made sure that this story became known to the audience. The actress even invited photographers and journalists to the set to record the shooting of a spicy scene. So Marilyn tried to prove, first of all, to herself that she was in excellent shape and retained an attractive figure, as well as her versatility and ability to maintain public interest in herself. At this time, Elizabeth Taylor was filming in Cleopatra in the same studio. Her fee exceeded Monroe's salary 10 times. So she decided to show Hollywood who is the main beauty.

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