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Meaning of the name

Myrrh is translated from Hebrew "myrtle tree", translated from Greek "myrtle branch". In the Soviet era, this name was deciphered as "world revolution", therefore it was extremely popular.


Little Mirra is very attached to her mother, although outwardly, and in many character traits resembles her father. Since childhood, she is sensitive, very vulnerable and compassionate, a little timid and disgusted. Persistent, has great inner tenacity, is obligatory, truthful.

Mirra is extremely mobile and plastic, has good musical abilities, attends a music or choreographic school, and enjoys dancing. Hardworking and persistent in achieving goals, especially if she was born in winter.

Adult Mirra is very executive and obligatory; her character largely depends on the time of birth. For example, a woman born in winter is a very passionate nature, extremely careful and prudent, a monogamous woman.

She gets married after twenty years, opting for a calm, balanced man who will take on the role of a leader in the family. Likes to chat with her friends on the phone. Mirra cooks well, especially her first courses. Most often, her sons are born.

If Mirra was born in December, then she is very intractable, does not tolerate objections in anything, often tries to dominate in every area of ​​life with which she comes into contact.

Myrrh, born in summer, is outwardly slow and childish, but has an explosive temperament, completely surrenders to a feeling of passion, expecting the same ardor in response. She is extremely jealous, but knows how to control herself. Underneath feigned indifference, hides resentment and a feeling of wounded pride.

Myrrh, born in autumn, is stubborn, but, at the same time, she is inherent in kindness and discretion. She is an introvert living in her own complex inner world. Often deeply religious. She takes everything to heart, although she does not show outwardly how much her or someone else's troubles hurt her.

Mirra is distinguished by perseverance, firmness and purposefulness, excellent self-control, always fulfills the task assigned to her, therefore she achieves great success in any field, rapid career growth. Most often, she chooses the profession of an accountant, doctor, hairdresser, music teacher, educator, salesperson.


Mirra perfectly knows how to restrain her feelings and outbursts of passion, this skill is developed so strongly that she simply does not allow her to completely free herself when in contact with a sexual partner.

Mirra does not have a pronounced sexual personality, usually it does not cause strong sexual emotions in men and does not always experience physical passion itself. To light it, a man must be patient and attentive.

This does not mean at all that she is not given to know violent erotic experiences - she is capable of them, but first it takes a long time to adapt to her partner. This state of affairs is the reason that Mirra rarely changes partners.

Experiencing erotic emotions, she feels a sense of the deepest harmony with the world around her, loves that her partner not only speaks to her sweet words, but also describes her dignity and his admiration for her attractiveness.

Mirra receives complete sexual satisfaction when she reaches orgasm with her beloved partner at the same time. For a man, Mirra feels rather tenderness than passion - a kind of maternal feelings.

Caressing him, delivering a variety of erotic sensations, she herself does not feel desire. It is especially difficult to adapt to a partner Mirra, born in December, she lacks softness and pliability.

For Mirra, adultery is a life disaster, after which she cannot recover for a long time.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Sagittarius.


The word Mirra gives the impression of something safe, kind, gentle, feminine.

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