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Meaning of the name

Mitrophone translated from ancient Greek means "manifested by the mother."


Most likely, a person with such a name will feel rather uncomfortable in society, and Mitrofan's vanity can become quite painful. In some cases, this leads to the development of an inferiority complex, in others, it inclines a person to seek ways of self-affirmation in society. If Mitrofan knows how to treat his name with humor, then it can be accepted by society quite favorably.

Mitrofan in childhood is very sensitive and touchy, parents often see a woefully twisted mouth. It is necessary to cheer him up more often with affection and attention. For him, the family for a long time personifies the whole world. Quarrels of parents, family dramas lower his vitality, turn him into an eternally hesitant, unsure person.

Adult Mitrofan is a good-natured, hardworking, talented, sometimes unexpected person who lives a rich inner life, owns a pen, and knows how to speak interestingly. Often dreams replace reality for him.

Mitrofan can be a writer, playwright, actor. His remarkable hard work will help him in this, but for a successful career he also needs activity, self-confidence, which Mitrofan lacks. Despite this, it should be recognized that Mitrofan has more opportunities to live an interesting life.

In adulthood, Mitrofan is fascinated by philosophy, he often reflects on the problems of good and evil, life and death, analyzes the events and actions of people. Mitrofan loves beautiful, young, well-groomed women.

The concept of fidelity is not of great importance to him, so he has frequent and protracted conflicts with his wife. He does not like to be isolated in his house, he needs communication, friends. But he can be closed, retire, go into his fictional world.

In general, Mitrofan is usually quite good-natured, hardworking and also has a wonderful imagination. Sensitive pride and some passion inherent in the energy of his name make him live more of an inner life, hidden from the eyes of others.

No wonder if dreams will replace reality for him. It is quite possible that in public Mitrofan will be somewhat withdrawn, but in a close circle where no one questions his dignity, he may well become the soul of the company. Especially if a sense of humor is not alien to his character.

From these positions, Mitrofan could well realize his talents in any creative profession, however, for full success, he still needs to somewhat iron out his pride and gain self-confidence.


He is careful in sexual relations, which creates a lot of complications. Mitrofan does not want to be bound by any obligations, but at the same time requires loyalty and extraordinary affection from his partner.

In bed, he is impulsive, affectionate and impatient. The partner's orgasm is a stimulus for his sexual lift. Mitrofan is secretive, does not like to talk about his intimate feelings. He is sentimental, inclined to remember the previous partner and compare her with the present one. Knows how to analyze his actions and not repeat mistakes.

Mitrofan is jealous and will not tolerate ambiguity in a relationship. But recognizing that his partner's past sexual encounters did not satisfy her to the same extent as communication with him, can inspire him and inspire him to something new. Even with the most unsuccessful outcome of sexual intercourse, he will not blame the woman, he blames himself for all the failures.

Mitrofan willingly teaches his girlfriend the basics of sex, even if he is sure that he will not maintain a long-term relationship with her. He is excitable enough, and there is no need to maintain his erection, it lasts until he reaches orgasm. Mitrofan is not persistent, but in a state of excitement, he is able to do everything so that his partner surrenders to him.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Mitrofan gives the impression of something quiet, slow.

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