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Today it's not just women who define the fashion world. These models are the favorites of designers and fashion photographers.

Their charisma is strong and mysterious, and their appearance, though not always irresistible, is certainly memorable. So who are they, the most famous male models?

Tony Ward. Since childhood, Tony dreamed of making a career as an actor or a fashion model. Unsurprisingly, right after leaving school, he moved from his native San Jose to much more glamorous Los Angeles. In the city of dreams, Ward began going to auditions. The modeling career began in 1983 with an advertisement for Calvin Klein's underwear. Tony has never looked like a sophisticated handsome man or a glamorous sweet character. He was distinguished by sexual untidiness, brutality and even some untidiness. Ward appeared to be unkempt, unshaven, but very attractive. Even Madonna herself could not resist him. In the early 90s, they started dating. Tony starred in the music video for the singer Justify My Love, appeared in Madonna's book "Sex". His acting career continued in the rather explicit films of pornographer Rick Castro's White Hustler (1996) and director Bruce La Bruce's Zombies from Los Angeles (2010). Tony Ward is considered the favorite of the Italian duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. The model became the face of two companies, graced the book and lookbook of these designers. Ward's photographs have appeared in GQ and Vogue Hommes magazines, he advertised H & M and Wrangler, Chanel, Diesel, Hugo Boss. Currently, Ward produces his own clothing line and is engaged in photography. But the model, which is already under 50, is still in demand. So, at the end of 2010, Tony Ward appeared on the cover of the special edition 10 Men. The most fashionable man in the world replies that he has no secret. He's just an ordinary guy.

David Gandhi. This Scotsman was born in 1980 in the town of Billericay, in Essex. David earned his first money not at all on the podium, but in a car salon, driving cars. And chance helped to become famous. Gandhi's friends sent pictures of him to the male model competition. David won the competition and was invited to Select Model Management, one of the most famous agencies in England. Since 2006, Gandhi's modeling career began. At first, he was filmed for many catalogs, remaining on the sidelines in this area. But after signing a contract with Zara, they started talking about Gandhi. He liked Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, becoming their favorite model. Cooperation with the Italians has become permanent. Gandhi advertises not only their clothes, but also their fragrances. Designers, in gratitude for their cooperation, even dedicated a whole book to the Scotsman. Today Gandhi is one of the most sought-after fashion models in the world. He is the face of The Light Blue, collaborating with Hermes, Ermenegildo Zegna and Zara. In addition, David has repeatedly appeared in fashion magazines. In his interviews, David says that he was repeatedly offered to try his hand at cinema. However, the Englishman is not yet ready to give up the podium.

Batiste Giabiconi. Baptiste is the highest paid male model. He was born in Marseille. After the divorce, the boy's mother raised him herself, along with two sisters. At the age of 14, Baptiste dropped out of school, continuing to study independently. At 17, he became a specialist, planning to continue working at a helicopter plant. In his dreams, Giabiconi had his own pizzeria, not a catwalk. To be confident in his own body, the young man began to build muscle mass. It was in the gym that one elderly woman noticed him, offering to take some photos. Initially, Baptiste was very skeptical about this idea, but in the end he was satisfied with the result. Photos of the 18-year-old handsome man got to Paris, and a few months later Karl Lagerfeld himself drew attention to the novice model. As a result, Giabiconi managed to become his muse. Cooperation with the fashion designer has been going on since 2008, they say that even a love affair arose between them. Today, Giabiconi is the face of everything Lagerfeld creates - from Chanel and Fendi campaigns to Coca-Cola and Dior Homme. Periodically, the fashion designer allows his muse to appear in magazines like Numero, L'Officiel and Purple. Once Lagerfeld even sculpted a young man out of chocolate. Baptiste starred in commercials for Just Cavalli and Frankie Morello. The model plays in his own Showtime group and even released his own music video. Baptiste himself is still considered frivolous. This is an ordinary guy who likes sex, music and drugs. However, it is he who makes the hearts of girls around the world beat faster. Baptiste loves walking, drinking coffee in the morning and watching horror movies. He loves huge watches, there are already about 20 pieces in his collection.

John Cortajarena. The Spaniard was born in 1985 in Bilbao. And the door to the modeling business swung open before him also by accident. John went to Barcelona to support his friend at the show. There, a representative of the View Management agency drew attention to the young handsome man and persuaded him to take samples. Kortajaren's debut took place at the most prestigious event in Spanish fashion - Cibeles in Madrid. John showed works by Roberto Verino. Moving to Paris required the consent of the young man's parents - he was still a minor. At the age of 18, John has already become the face of the spring collection "Just Cavalli". Soon, the young fashion model appears on the catwalks in Milan and New York. Kortajarena collaborates with Armani, Galliano, Versace. John has worked on shows for Dolce & Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Salvatore Ferragamo, Chanel and has appeared in television commercials. The pinnacle of her modeling career was the spring-summer 2008 issue of L’Officiel Hommes, which appeared on the cover with him under the headline “200 Pages of Fashion with John Cartagena”. That same year, Forbes ranked John as the eighth most successful male model. The following year, German GQ named him Model of the Year. Kortajarena is 188 cm tall and has green eyes and brown hair. The man's piercing gaze and his chiseled cheekbones determined his photogenicity. Designer Tom Ford especially appreciates the model. In 2009, John even starred in his debut film A Single Man. Joining Colin Firth and Juliana Moore. In 2011, Kortajarena became one of the participants in the global and expensive advertising campaign from Lacoste, held under the motto "Unconventional Chic". John trusts his hairstyles only to his mother, the hairdresser. Among his friends are also famous models. Kortajarena enjoys reading and watching movies, sunbathing, listening to music and hiking. The model claims to be an incorrigible romantic.

Clement Chabernot. The French fashion model was born in 1989 in Paris. The debut on the podium took place at the age of 16. Then Clement took part in the spring fashion show from the House of Dior. A year later, he became the face of the German designer Jil Sander. Chabernot is the muse of Raf Simons, who succeeded John Galliano for Chtistian Dior. He just worked as a creative director at Jil Sander and spotted the young star. Clement was the face of Simons' collections from 2006 to 2009, renewing his contract in 2012. Chaberneau is also said to be particularly inspiring for the photographer Vanderperre. Together with him, they shot Jil Sander campaigns, COS and Uniqlo lookbooks, editorials Arena Homme Plus and i-D. Chaberneau appeared in Balmain advertisements four times, advertised Prada twice. He has worked with Kenzo, Salvatore Ferragamo and Valentino, Yves Saint Lauren, Hermes.

Yuri Pleskun. This Ukrainian was born in the Bronx, New York in 1991. Due to his origin, Yuri speaks Russian quite well, albeit with an accent. Pleskun grew up in a disadvantaged area. He led the lifestyle of a typical punks. They say that he was almost the only white guy in the black quarter. He has been in the modeling business since 2008. They say that the charming gopnik attracted a certain drunk woman who offered him to become a model. Yura himself swore dirty and said that he didn't care. The agency created a hooligan and expressive image for Pleskun, which was not difficult. Pleskun quickly became a favorite model for independent brands and magazines. He is 188 cm tall and weighs 65 kilograms. Blond hair and infinitely deep blue eyes made the look pretty sexy. The guy has appeared on the covers of Grit and Fiasco, starred for Patrik Ervell and Margaret Howell. Nevertheless, Yuri's commercial shows also seduced. Yuri has appeared on the runways in the campaigns of Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith, Alexander McQuenn and Calvin Klein. It was filmed by Steven Meisel for Balenciaga and Juicy Couture. It is believed that Yuri himself most often appears in magazines. The popularity of Pleskun was brought about by his photo shoot for the Topman campaign in 2009. In 2011, he appeared on the cover of Seventh Man magazine. Then Yuri became the face of the Balenciaga brand. In his interviews, Pleskun says that he is engaged in fashion just for pleasure and does not intend to devote his whole life to it. He does not have a favorite fashion designer, the main thing is that "the check is beautiful."

Sean O'Pry. Sean is ranked number one by male models website The model was born in 1989. And the contest "America's Next Top Model" opened it to the general public. Jury member Knowle Marin, editor of Elle magazine, spotted Sean's high school graduation photos on MySpace. Already at the age of 18, O'Pry has a dozen shows, filmed for "10" and "AnOther". As a result, the talent of the model was noted by Calvin Klein, who made him his face. Since then, Sean has worked with brands such as Belstaff, Bottega Veneta, Gianfranco Ferre, Giorgio Armani, Lacoste and Versace. He was also given the keys to his hometown of Kennes, as Sean turned out to be the most famous native of this place.

Simon Nessman. Simon was born in 1989 in the Canadian town of Cortenay, British Columbia. Nessmann himself is half Scot and half Austrian. His career developed rapidly. The young man liked the photographer Mario Testino, who invited him to shoot a D & G commercial. Shooting for Versace, GAP, D & G, Ralph Lauren and Givenchy soon followed. For the same Testino, as well as Stephen Klein and Bruce Weber, Simon has already become a good friend. Nessman also participated in the filming of the lingerie commercial from John Galliano. On account of the young handsome man sets for Italian, French and Russian Vogue. Particularly popular with Simon in Russia. So, on the cover of the domestic edition of Vogue, he appeared along with the Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Abrosio. Simon previously appeared in the spring / summer edition of "GQ Style". Forbes magazine testifies that Nessman has been among the most sought-after models for the past three years. At the same time, he is also quite charming. Unlike most of his colleagues, the model is not cunning and says that for the sake of money he will tolerate the realization of buying and selling him like a doll. The model has little free time. Simon devotes him to playing guitar, surfing and snowboarding and walking with a friend on Long Island.

Noah Mills. The Canadian was born in Toronto in 1983. He was the fifth and youngest child in the family. Noah's youthful hobby was basketball, as evidenced by even the tattoo "07" in honor of the number in the team. And his career began at the age of 20. Sister Noah sent pictures of him to one of the Vancouver modeling agencies. At the end of 2003, the guy became Model of the Week at And Noah first entered the catwalk in January 2004, taking part in the shows of the Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent collections in Paris and Milan. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana liked the Canadian tall brunette so much that their fruitful collaboration began in 2005. During this time, Mills became the face of the brand 6 times. Over the years of his career, Noah has participated in a large number of advertising campaigns. He has served as the face of campaigns for Calvin Klein, Emporio Armani Tom Ford and Lacoste. And since 2010, the model, who is fond of acting, began to appear in films. He played Samantha Jones' boyfriend in Sex and the City 2, and now Noah is involved in the TV series Two Broken Girls.

Paolo Anchisi. Everything indicated that this guy was destined to become a model. After all, his mother, Lynn Caster, shone on the catwalks herself in the 80s. A worthy example was before my eyes, so Paolo decided to follow the same path. In 2009, he was noticed by photographer Eli Schmidt, who shot the sultry handsome man for his blog and for the Japanese edition of Vogue. Her photo shoot turned out to be very beautiful, which in many respects determined the success of Anchis. A year later, the Italian has already become the face of the brands Versace Yves and Saint Laurent, starring for Pop and Love. In 2011, Paolo begins to collaborate with Dolce & Gabbana. He starred in an advertising campaign, tears off the show of this brand. Paolo is also featured in the Boys, Boys, Boys editorial dedicated to the favorite male models of the Italian design duo. Anchisi recently signed a contract with Ford modeling agency, which partners with the best fashion models in the world. In everyday life, Paolo prefers to relax with yoga, which also helps to keep in shape.

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