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Serials have flooded our lives so much that it will be difficult to find such a person who has never watched any of the serial movies. Only few people know which series is the longest in the history of the film industry.

Almost all of our compatriots are sure that such is "Santa Barbara". It turned out to be so long that it became a real example of "soap operas". In fact, this tape was far from the longest in the history of cinema.

The record-breaking series will be discussed below. It is worth noting that they gave impetus to the big cinema for future Hollywood stars, and sometimes invited celebrities were filmed there.

"Guiding light". This series became the longest in the history of cinema. A total of 15762 episodes were filmed. At first, "Guiding Light" came out in the form of a radio show since the 1930s. The tape was first released in 1952 and remained on television until September 18, 2009. At that moment, the series was simply left without funding. To view all episodes of this tape, you need to watch it without interruption for 164 days, 4 hours and 30 minutes. In total, this amounts to 236430 minutes. If you try to stretch the "pleasure" and watch 8 episodes a day (that's about 6 hours), then it will take 2 years of life to find out how the matter ended. It was "Guiding Light" that took a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest film on television. The series tells about a priest who is located in the suburbs of Chicago. The monk left a lighted lamp at his window. This meant that there would always be light for lost souls, and help would be provided in the house. The plot revolved around a multitude of families whose fates were intricately intertwined. During the show, the series was nominated 375 times for various awards, and 98 awards were received. Such famous actors as Christopher Walken, Joan Collins, Kevin Bacon, Mira Sorvino were involved in "Guiding Light".

"How the World Spins". This series took an honorable second place. It began to appear in 1956 and stopped broadcasting only recently, on September 17, 2010. A total of 13858 episodes were shown. Until the last moment, there was a hope that someone would buy the rights to the legendary series from the CBS channel and update the record. However, there were no volunteers. The total time of the filmed series is 573 days 11 hours. That's a whole 825,780 minutes of time. If you watch 9 hours of the series every day, then it will take a whole year and a half to fully watch it. The series became an innovation in its time. For the first time, the series began to be shown for half an hour, and not for 15 minutes, as was customary before. And in 1975 the episode became an hour long. The plot tells about the life of the provincial town of Oakdale. Life there flows unhurriedly, in the center of attention are several families in which professionals live. The series tells about doctors, police officers, lawyers and other people. The style of the story is unhurried, there are many conversations. An important place is given to the emotions of people. The series gained fame as a rather conservative, for a long time social problems were bypassed. Besides "How the World Turns" all this time was filmed in the same city - New York. The series also starred many stars - Martin Sheen, Meg Ryan, Courtney Cox, Helen Wagner.

"All my children". This series also came to an end very recently. The first series was shown back in 1970. A total of 42 seasons and 10,712 episodes were filmed. Each episode initially lasted 25 minutes, and since 1977 has been extended to 45 minutes. The total time of the series was 430 days 13 hours. The plot tells about ordinary people living in Pine Valley in Pennsylvania. The series first told about the love of young people, trying to attract a young audience. His ratings were constantly growing. It was "All My Children" that the Vietnam War was first widely discussed. The series also covered for the first time an abortion committed by one of the heroines. The results of plastic surgery were shown and discussed here. In 1983, the series raised the issue of drugs and AIDS. As a result, the series went through stages of wild popularity in the 70s and 80s, and in 1998 it was named the worst soap opera of the year. But it was decorated with real stars such as Elizabeth Taylor, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Mischa Barton, Lauren Holly and Christian Slater.

"One life to live". The life of this series turned out to be quite long. It has been out since 1968, and according to ABC, the final episode will be shown on January 20, 2012. A total of 10,625 episodes were filmed. The total time of the series was 221 days 8 hours 30 minutes or 318750 minutes. The series became iconic, because it was he who first raised the problem of drug addiction and racism. Before that, they preferred not to talk about such phenomena on television. The plot is typical for soap operas - it tells about ordinary people living in a certain fictional town of Lanview. The series starred many famous actors. The names of Tommy Lee Jones, Amanda Peet, Laurence Fishburne, Ryan Philip and Tom Berenger can be mentioned. Erica Slezak became the main character of the film. She has been filming since 1971 and won six Emmy awards for her role. The same award in 2002 was received by One Life itself in the nomination "Best Drama Series".

"Young and daring". It is this series that has every chance to move up the ranking. After all, he is still filming. The first episode was released in 1973. In total, more than 9700 episodes have been filmed, the total duration of the tape was more than 195 days. The film is set in the fictional town of Genoa City, Wisconsin. At first, the plot revolved around two families of the city - rich Brooks and poor Foster. However, after numerous changes in the cast, the plot switched to a new family, the Newmen and Abbots. The show has now focused on their corporate rivalry in the fashion world. At the moment, this drama is the highest rated on the daytime air of American television. In this nomination, the series even won 6 Emmy awards. However, they preferred not to touch on social issues at all. The problems of abortion, homelessness and AIDS were smoothed out. When the homosexual theme appeared in the series, the ratings went down and the producers decided to remove it. The series is released in many countries - Australia, France, India, Turkey, Romania. Among the famous actors, Paul Walker, Robert Costanzo, Tom Selleek were filmed here. The real long-liver of the series is 83-year-old Jeanne Cooper. It has been used since the very first episodes. And her facelift in the 80s was inscribed in the plot and caused a lively discussion of the audience.

"Another world". Among all the long-lived series, this one is considered the biggest loser. It came out from 1964 to 1999. A total of 8891 episodes were shown. Their total duration was over 370 days. The tape takes place in the fictional city of Bay City. The plot is straightforward as usual. The story is about the usual joys and troubles of various people, as well as unusual situations that arise. And in 1964, this tape was the first to touch upon the problem of abortion, which was then considered taboo. This doomed the painting to commercial failure. The Other World was also noted for the fact that for the first time there appeared a plot that echoed with another series. Mike Bauer has moved to Bay City from the Springfield series "Guiding Light". It was "Underworld" that for the first time increased the duration of the episode to an hour, there was an attempt even to make it 90 minutes long. This tape spawned several other spin-off series. Many stars have starred here - Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Eric Roberts, Ray Liotta, Joe Morton, Anne Heche.

"On the threshold of night". This series is one of the very first long-running soap operas. He appeared on screens from 1956 to 1984. A total of 7420 episodes were filmed, each of which lasts 25 minutes. The total time of the series was over 130 days. "On the Threshold of Night" differs from most of its serial counterparts in that the plot here is not based on the relationship of the heroes, but on the investigation of crimes. In 1980, the tape even received a special award from the US detective writers. And it ended with another unsolved mystery. "On the Threshold of Night" was shown in Russia as well. Only 200 episodes from the 1980-1981 seasons were shown on Channel 5 in St. Petersburg. The series starred such famous actors as Julianne Moore, Roy Schneider, Martin Sheen, Marcia Cross, Héctor Elisondo and Scott Glen.

"Neighbors". This soap opera was filmed in Australia. She first appeared on screens in 1985. Since then, 6255 episodes have been filmed, the duration of each of them is 22 minutes. The total duration of the series has already exceeded 90 days. The plot is clear from the title. It is about neighbors and relationships between people. The creators of the series decided to tell about real stories of adults and adolescents who openly discuss their problems. They all live in the fictional suburb of Melbourne - Erinsboro. The focus is on three families, which constantly confront each other, involving other residents in their showdowns. The show is so popular in the country that the people of South Vermont, Melbourne, are happy to let the episodes be filmed in their homes and backyards. The series featured such famous people as Russell Crowe, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Pearce and Rada Mitchell.

"Daring and beautiful". This successful project started in 1987. Since then, more than 6150 episodes of 22 minutes each have been shown. The total duration of the series exceeds 120 days. Shows the series on CBS and has no plans to stop doing so. The action takes place in Los Angeles and revolves around the Forrester family. They own their own modeling house. The series differs in that it even comes out in the United States with a translation into Spanish for the respective residents of the country. The peculiarity of "Daring and Beautiful" is the fact that it is very popular in the world. He is well known in Italy and Australia. This tape was shown in Russia by TNT, DTV and REN TV channels. The series has starred such stars as four-time Emmy winner Susan Flannery and Asher.

"Santa Barbara". The most famous soap opera in our vastness takes only tenth place in the list of the longest series. A total of 2137 episodes were filmed with a duration of 45 minutes. This is a whole 66 days from 18 hours. You have to spend 96165 minutes to see all of the Santa Barbara episodes. She was filmed from 1984 to 1993. The plot revolves around four families living in the town of Santa Barbara, California. They all belong to different social strata. The Capwells are wealthy and successful, the Lockrigs are slightly less fortunate competitors who have lost their strength in the fight against the leaders. The Perkins are ordinary employees, while Andrade represents the Hispanic people of the town. In Russia, the series was not shown in full, the action began only with episode 217, and ended in 2040. "Santa Barbara" was marked by intricate storylines and relationships of heroes, there are murders, rape, treason and betrayal. It is the name of this tape that has become a household name for soap operas in Russia. But many famous actors were filmed here - Leonardo DiCaprio, Tim Robbins, Theo Leoni, Charles Bateman.

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