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Meaning of the name

Jeanne in translation from Hebrew means "the mercy of God".


She is growing up as a kind of girl. His character reminds him of his father, inherits from him more often such traits as stubbornness, persistence, self-love. She is sociable in moderation, in childhood she loves board games, willingly participates in boyish fun.

In the children's team, she is friendly with everyone, but does not forgive insults, and can beat the offender. He devotes a lot of time to sports, loves skiing, basketball, swimming. The exact sciences are given more successfully.

Jeanne develops friendly relations with the boys. She knows how to be friends, a friend for her is her second self. He will not let his friends down, tries not to quarrel with them over trifles.

He chooses a male profession, for example, he can be an excellent auto mechanic. There is also a "masculine" taste in the clothes - tracksuit, jacket, jeans. But in a women's elegant dress, Jeanne can be seen only on special occasions.

Zhanna knows how to be irresistible, but rarely uses it. The character of this girl is "groovy". He won't go into his pocket for a word, doesn't like gossip.

He does not strive for early marriage. Before marriage, he usually has time to finish college and work. She marries someone whom she has known for a long time and well, often this is an old, almost from school, friendship.

In marriage, she is a leader, the husband relies on her energy and intuition for almost everything. Zhanna cooks according to her mood, more often her husband does it. Jeanne's children receive a Spartan upbringing, they clearly know their responsibilities at home.

Many Jeanne smoke, do not mind having fun in the company, drinking. Often they get married twice.

Zhanna's hard work allows her to earn good money, she can successfully realize herself in business. She does not believe in prejudices. Proud, Zhanna never complains about fate, endures adversity.

The character of women with this name changes depending on the middle name. One Jeanne is observant, and the other is indifferent to everything.


Zhanna is smart, knows how to feel a partner, her love for a man is boundless. However, a lot depends on her mood: today she can be affectionate, tender, burning with desire, and tomorrow - rude, unrestrained in her tongue, it is offensive to push a man away.

Zhanna, born in the summer, is especially susceptible to sharp mood swings, her attraction is sensitive to the slightest trouble, any little thing can deprive her of mental balance, and with it her sexual desire.

Jeanne is a woman of increased temperament. In the sexual process, she seeks to dominate, to guide the behavior of a partner, however, she knows how to do this without humiliating his manhood. Fulfilling the role of the slave, her man is always sure that he is the leader. No matter how long sexual intercourse lasts, Jeanne is able to make a man start all over again.

After the end of sexual intercourse, she likes to soak up for some time, until the excitement from the experience has subsided, caressing her partner and listening to his gentle words.

Jeanne, born in the summer, is proud and straightforward, she decisively puts things in order in her personal affairs, it is difficult to compromise. She is very demanding of a man, sometimes she expects the impossible from him, and therefore often remains unmarried, which does not mean at all that she is lonely.

Jeanne attaches too much importance to sex, considering it necessary to maintain health and a sense of peace of mind. She is impulsive and sensual, capable of recklessness in love.

Born in the fall, Jeanne, on the other hand, has strict rules, is balanced and prudent.


Orange and scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Fish, Cancer, Taurus.


The sound of the name Jeanne gives the impression of something complex, rough, heavy, strong, hot, brave, mighty, big.

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