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Meaning of the name

Inara translated from ancient Greek means "chosen one".


As a child, Inara is vulnerable, capricious, but kind and sociable. Her soreness gives her parents a lot of trouble, Inara is too prone to colds. The girl can be hysterical, but it quickly passes.

At school, Inara studies quite well, then graduates with honors from a higher or secondary educational institution.

They are mainly employed in their specialty. Inara is too straightforward in dealing with people, she is not characterized by tact and wisdom. Inara, listening to the interlocutor, rarely hears him, especially if the conversation is emotional.

Inara is very amorous. She gets married several times, as a rule, the last marriage develops successfully. Since the last time Inara gets married deliberately, weighing all the pros and cons.

Inara has no sense of humor. She is not patient enough, is constantly ahead of events, which entails not very pleasant consequences.

Inara is attractive, loves to dress fashionably and tastefully. She is talented, she writes good poetry, draws, understands art. Usually he chooses a profession in the sphere of culture.

Inara is a rather neat person, punctual and pedantic. The hostess from her turns out to be not very good, in her house it is always not comfortable and cold, as if her native walls weigh her down.


Inara shows an early interest in the intimate side of life. She tries to understand her attitude towards sex, to get an idea of ​​sex life and relationships. Inara comes across the practice of sex much later.

Inara has a great need for physical affection, she puts it above the sexual capabilities of a man. She may break up with a partner if she lacks affection. Knows how to give a man a lot of unique sensations, easily guessing all his desires, while showing emotional relaxedness.

Inara, born in winter, is very promiscuous in her sexual relationships: as soon as she gets to know a man, she can spend a stormy night with him, and in the morning she will not consider this a reason to continue dating.

In the event that Inara does not have a permanent partner, she is able to have sexual contact to relieve sexual tension, being confident that sexual abstinence is extremely harmful to health. She never perceives her personal connections as licentiousness.

After a long search, having met a man who is suitable for her in all respects, she will constantly remain faithful to him. She knows how to appreciate a partner and be grateful to him. Inara, born in autumn, is very emotional, sensual and sensitive. There are no trifles for her in love and sex, everything has a certain meaning.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Libra.


The sound of the name Inar gives the impression of something good, beautiful, bright.

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