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Absolon - my father - the world
Adelard is a noble force
Adnet - earth
Adnot - earth
Adolf is a noble wolf
Adrian - from Hadriya
Aim - very beloved
Alexander is the protector of humanity
Alain - handsome
Alphonse - noble and ready
Alair - joyful, happy
Amadiu - to love God
Amadower is attractive
Ambroise - immortal
Amedi - to love God
Amoray - the power of work
Amory - the power of work
Amable - attractive
Anatoul - east and sunrise
Andryon - from Hadriya
Andre - man, warrior
Anselm - God's protection
Antoin is invaluable
Antonin is invaluable
Apollinaire the destroyer
Aristide - excellence
Arman is a brave, hardy man
Armel - the stone prince
Arno - the power of the eagle
Ass - noble from birth
Astor - vulture hawk
Athanaz - immortal
Ashil - hurting

Basil is the king
Baptist - Degraded
Barzelmi - son of Talmey
Barnabe - Son of Exhortation
Bartomiu - son of Talmay
Bastian - from Sebeist (a city in Asia Minor)
Bedoir - the one who knew about the exploits of Arthur
Benezet - the blessed one
Benoit - the blessed one
Bernard - Bass Bear
Blaise - talking in a whisper
Baudouin - supportive friend
Boniface is a good destiny
Bris - leg, variegated

Valentine - healthy, strong
Valerie - foreign power
Veilr - strong
Vivien - alive, animated

Gaetan - from Kaita
Guy - forest
Gascon - from Gascony
Gaspard - cherish the bearer
Gaston - from Gascony
Gowain - the white hawk
Guenael - holy and generous
Gilbert - bail
Gilbe - pledge
Godard is a strong god
Goddard is a strong god
Goss is good or god
Gothie - ruler of the army
Gaultier - ruler of the army
Gratin - pleasing, pleasant
Gregoir - cautious, alert
Guarin - the defender, protecting
Guarinot - the defender protecting
Guillaume - helmet
Gustave - meditator

Daiodor - a gift from Zeus
Dion - Zeus
Damien - tame, subjugate
D'artagnan - of Artagnan
Degare - lost, lost
Desiree - Desired
Denis is a follower of Dionysus
Deodat - given to God
Jasmine - jasmine flower
Gervais - Servant of the Spear
Gervais - Servant of the Spear
Jeremy - Appointed by God
Jarod - ruler of the spear
Jehan is a good god
Djinn is a good god
Joerdane - flowing down
Joseph - the multiplier
Josu - God - Salvation
Georges - a peasant
Jory is a peasant
Josselyn is a goth
Didier - Desired
Diudonne - God-given
Dominic - owned by the lord
Donat - given (by God)
Donatian - given (by God)

Eugen - Well Born

Jacques is a displacer
Jean is a good god
Jean Baptist - God is kind
Germain is a brother
Jerome - the holy name
Gilles is a child, a young goat
Girald - ruler of the spear
Girard - the brave spear
Geoffroy - God's world
Joel - yahwe - god
Julian - soft-bearded, symbolic reference to youth
Jules - soft-bearded, symbolic reference to youth
Just - fair

Zachari - God remembered

Yves - yew tree
Yvon - yew tree
Izai - God - Salvation
Isidor - a gift from Isis
Ilbert - a bright battle
Inyas - ignorance
Irene - peaceful

Camille - attendant (for the temple)
Cyprian - from Cyprus
Clement - gentle and merciful
Clovis is a famous warrior
Claude is lame
Colombus - dove
Columbane - pigeon
Constant - stable
Corentin - hurricane, storm
Corinne - men together
Corneil - horn
Cosmus - beauty
Koum - beauty
Christophe - Christ the Bearer

Lazar - my god helped
Lionel the lion
Lammert - Bright Lands
Lance - earth
Ledger - the spear of the people
Leon - lion
Leonides - son of a lion
Leonard - strong, lion
Leon - like a lion
Leopold is bold
Lindr - the lion man
Lawrence - from Laurentum
Laurent - from Laurentum
Laurentin - from Laurentum
Lotter - warrior of people
Lope is a wolf
Louis is a famous warrior
Luke - from Lucania
Lucian - easy

Maxime is the largest
Maximilian is the biggest
Makar - Blessed
Marine - from the sea
Mark is militant
Markellin - warlike
Markel - warlike
Marselon is a little warrior
Martin - from Mars
Matis - a gift from God
Matiu - a gift from God
Mattiu - a gift from God
Meixns is the biggest
Michel - Who Is Like God?
Mogir - Spear of the Council
Modest - moderate, sober
Modestine - Moderate, Sober
Mojer - Spear of the Council
Maurice - black, Moor
Morris - black, moor

Nazar - from Nazareth
Napoleon - the lion of Naples
Narsis - insensitive, sleep
Nikodem - victory of people
Nicholas - the victory of the people
Neil is the champion
Nikhel is the champion
But - rest
Noel - god's birthday

Aubin - from Elba
Oberon - Elf Bear
Obe - bright nobility
Augustine - venerable
Auguste - the venerable
Oda is rich
Odilon is rich
Audric the ruler
Ozanne - supplying
Ozainn - supplying
Olivier - elf army
Onezim is profitable
Eagle - golden
Orelin - golden
Otes - rich

Papillion - butterfly
Pascal - Easter Child
Easter - Easter child
Patrice is a nobleman
Pepin - the seed of the fruit
Perrin - rock, stone
Percevel - a valley that is penetrated
Percival is a valley penetrated by
Pyrrhus - rock, stone
Pons - sailor

Rainer is a wise warrior
Raimund is a wise defender
Raoul is a wise wolf
Raphael - God has healed
Regis - to manage or cope
Reinmand is a wise defender
Reynod is a wise ruler
Remay - rower
Remy - rower
Renard - wise and strong
Renaud is a wise ruler
Rin - Reborn
Robert - famous
Roger is a famous spear
Rodolph is a famous wolf
Rodolphe is a famous wolf
Rodrigue - Notable Power
Rock - rest
Roland is a famous land
Roland is a famous land
Romain - Roman
Roselle - slight redness
Rule is a famous wolf

Sain - spear
Salomon is a man of peace
Twill - employee
Sacha is the protector of humanity
Sebastin - from Sebeist (city in Asia Minor)
North is strict
Severin - strict
Seraphin - burning
Sylvester - from the forest
Silestin - heavenly
Sylvain - from the forest
Cyprian - from Cyprus
Cyril - Lord
Sisera - hairy
Sisser - hairy
Stephen - crown

Telesphorus - Bearing Fruit
Theo is a gift from God
Theodore is a gift from God
Theophilus is a friend of god
Thibault is a brave people
Timothy - God Worshiper
Tyrri - King of Nations
Toussaint - saint
Thierry - King of Nations

Fabrice - master
Fabien - as Fabius
Felikite - lucky
Felikin - lucky
Felix - lucky
Fernand - Ready To Ride
Ferrand - Ready To Ride
Ferrant - Ready To Ride
Fiacre - raven
Filbert - very bright, famous
Philibert - very bright, famous
Philip the horse lover
Firmin - sustainable
Florentin - blooming
Folket - tribe
Forest - living in the forest
Frank - free
Francois - free
Frederick is a peaceful ruler
Freri is a peaceful ruler
Fulks - tribe

Hamelet - a small village
Hamnet - small house
Jamon - home
Herv - wrestling
Heeler - joyful, happy
Honor - honor, valor
Horace - having good eyesight
Hugues - heart, opinion, or spirit

Charlot is a human
Charles is a man

Charlemagne - Big Charles

Evarist is good
Evrard - strong as a hog
Edgard - the rich spear
Edmond - Defender of Prosperity
Edward is the guardian of prosperity
Eimerai - home ruler
Aymery - home ruler
Aymeric - home ruler
Eli is god is my god
Alison is a noble kind
Eloi - the choosing
Emery - power
Emeric - home ruler
Emilyn is a rival
Emil is a competitor
Enis - praise
Hercule - the glory of Hera
Ermenegild - a huge tribute
Esm - dear, beloved
Etienne - crown
Eyustache - good harvest, stability

Yudes is a child
Yudo is a child
Yudong - child
Jurben - city dweller

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