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Abelia is a shepherdess
Abel is a shepherdess
Aveline is a small bird
Avril - open
Aurora - Dawn
Agas is good
Agate - agate
Agnis - chaste, holy
Adelaide is a noble species
Adeleine - noble
Adele - noble
Adele - noble
Adelais - noble species
Adilin - noble
Adrienne - of Hadriya
Aimi - very beloved
Isadora - a gift from Isis
Axell is my father - the world
Alexandri - Protector of Humanity
Alexandrine - protector of humanity
Alfonsign - noble
Albertina - bright nobility
Alaina - beautiful
Alaine - beautiful
Amandine is attractive
Amareint - unfading
Amber - amber
Amelie - work
Amoret - a little love
Anastasi - recovery
Anastase - recovery
Angel - angel, messenger
Angeline - angel, messenger
Angelique - angelic
Andri - man, warrior
Anet - benefit, grace
Annette - benefit, grace
Antoinette is invaluable
Anais - benefit, grace
Apollyn the Destroyer
Arabelle - a request answered
Arian is completely clean
Arin is completely pure
Arlet - small eagle
Armel - the stone princess
Arnod - the power of the eagle
Aureli - gold

Banjamin - Blessed
Barb - foreign, strange
Barbara - foreign, strange
Beatrice - a traveler (for life)
Benedict - Blessed
Benoite - Blessed
Berenice - bringing victory
Berze - bright
Bernadine - bold as a bear
Bernadette - bold as a bear
Bernardine - bold as a bear
Bernardet - bold as a bear
Blanchefloer - white flower
Blanche - white
Brigitte - exalted

Valentine - healthy, strong
Valerie is strong
Veva - the white race
Verena - sacred wisdom
Veronique - bringing victory
Vivien - lively, lively
Victoir - victory
Victorine - victory
Violet - purple flower
Virginie - virgin, virgin

Gabriella - Strong by God
Gaell - holy and generous
Gaetain - from Caita (Gaeta, Italy)
Gwenael - saint and generous
Guenever - white and smooth
Godeliv - good, dear

Dion - Zeus
Dayonne - Zeus
Daniele - God is my judge
Danil - God is my judge
Desiree - Desired
Deline - noble
Delphin - Delphinium flower
Denis is a follower of Dionysus
Denise is a follower of Dionysus
Jakinze - hyacinth flower
Jaket - displacing
Jacqui - the displacing
Jannet is good god
Jji is a peasant woman
Jermaine - sister
Jeunes - youth
Jahain is a good god
Jin is a good god
Ginevra - white and smooth
Jeanette - virgin, virgin, queen
Jinnine is a good god
Gisel - pledge
Jissel - bail
Joell - Yahweh - God
Joseph - the multiplier
Josian - multiplier
Jorget - a peasant woman
Jorgin - peasant woman
Georgine is a peasant woman
Jocet - multiplying
Josie - multiplying
Johainn is a good god
Julie - young, young
Juliana - young, youth
Justine - fair
Diana - divine, heavenly
Dianne - divine, heavenly
Didian - coveted
Diudonni - given by God
Dominic - owned by the lord
Donatin - given by God
Dorian - of the Dorian tribe
Dorothea - a gift from God

Jacqueline - the displacing
Genevieve - White Race
Giselle - pledge
Gilbert - pledge
Josephine - multiplying
Julien - youth
Juliet - youth

Zephyrine - West Wind
Zibille - fortuneteller
Zidoni - from Sidon
Zoe - life

Yvette - yew tree
Yvonne - yew tree
Ijerne - Igraine
Isabelle - God is my oath
Iseult - Fair Aspect
Isidora - a gift from Isis
Ines - chaste, holy
Yolande - purple flower
Irene - peace
Ireni - peaceful

Camilla - keeper (for the temple)
Capucine - nasturtium
Carolyn is a man
Karol is a man
Caitline - clean
Clarice - fame
Clasild - famous battle
Clemens - gentle, merciful
Claude - lame
Claudine - a little lame
Claudette - a little lame
Claudie is a little lame
Claire - clear, bright
Tunic - victory of people
Colombus - dove
Constance - stable
Corentine - hurricane, storm
Corinne is a virgin
Corneli - horn
Cosette is a small thing
Christel - follower of Christ
Christian is a follower of Christ
Christina is a follower of Christ
Kjungond - withstanding war
Katherine is pure

Lacres - rich
Lea - weary
Leonie - lion
Leonne - lion
Leontyne - like a lion
Liana - liana
Leanne - liana
Lidi - from Lydia
Lillian - lily
Liset - God is my oath
Lor - laurel
Lorentine - from Lorentum
Lorette - small laurel
Ludywine - Divining
Louise is a famous warrior
Bows - light
Lucyll - small, light
Lukind - light
Lulu is a famous warrior
Lunet is an idol
Luce - from Lucania
Lucayann - light

Magali - pearls
Magalaya - pearls
Madeleine - from Magdala
Maximilinn is the biggest
Manon the beloved
Margot - pearl
Margox - pearl
Marjolane - marjoram
Maryse the sweetheart
Maril - sweetheart
Marine - from the sea
Maritt is a little sweetheart
Markel - militant
Marceline - Warlike
Marcelline - Warlike
Marcellette - warlike
Martine - from Mars
Martha is a lady
Matilde - powerful in battle
Mahot - powerful in battle
Megane - pearl
Melanie - black, dark
Melisand is a strong worker
Melisend is a strong worker
Melisent is a strong worker
Melisa - honey bee
Merod - emerald
Michele - Who Is Like God?
Mireyo - delightful
Mireil - delightful
Micheline - Who Is Like God?
Michell - Who Is Like God?
Monique - informative, advising
Morgan - sea circle
Morgaine - sea circle
Marjorie - pearl
Mary is the sweetheart
Marian - sweetheart
Marion is a little sweetheart

Nadine - hope
Nadia - hope
Natalie - Birthday, Christmas
Natalia - birthday, Christmas
Nicolet - victory of people
Nicole - victory of people
Ninet - Nina
Ninon - benefit, grace
Noel - christmas, god's birthday
Noelle - christmas, god's birthday
Noella - christmas, god's birthday
Noemi is sweet

Od - noble
Odyle is rich
Dressed - a little rich woman
Ozanne - liberating
Ozane - the liberating
Okin is the ocean
Olivi - Elf Army
Olympus - from Olympus
Orabel - golden beautiful
Orian - Gold
Orianne - golden
Ouida is a famous warrior

Pascaline - daughter of Easter
Pascale - daughter of Easter
Penelope - needle and bobbin
Perrine - rock, stone
Pyrret - rock, stone
Placide - calm
Places - pleasant
Flying - small
Pauline is small
Paul is small

Rebecca - The Trap
Regine is the queen
Rein is the queen
Reni - Born Again
Rosalie - promoted
Rosel - increased
Rosemond - protecting horses
Rosette - increased
Rosin - elevated
Romaine - Roman
Roser - rosary
Rochell - recreation
Raymand is a wise protector

Sabina - from the Sabine tribe
Salomi - the world
Sandrain - Protector of Humanity
Sacha is the protector of humanity
Sebastin - from Sebeist (city in Asia Minor)
Severine - strict
Celeste - heavenly
Celestine - heavenly
Seraise - cherry
Seraphin - burned
Cecile - blind
Sybil the fortuneteller
Seeline - Heaven
Silvi - from the forest
Silvian - from the forest
Sylvianne - from the forest
Silvane - from the forest
Simone is a listener
Simonet - listener
Sindrillon - Small Ash
Cyril - Lord
Solange - Religious
Sophie - wisdom
Stephanie - crown
Suzanne - lily
Suzette - lily

Tatin - father
Toinet - invaluable
Terese the reaper

Fabayann - as Fabius
Felicite - luck
Felikin - lucky
Felice is lucky
Fernand - Ready To Ride
The Philippines is a horse lover
Phyllis - lucky
Fifi - multiplying
Flavi - yellow hair
Flor - flower
Florenc - blooming
Floret is a small flower
Fostine - lucky
Franket - free
Francoise - free
Frederick is a peaceful ruler

Hadrinn - of Hadriyah
Helen - torch, moon, or (more likely) secretly escape
Helwiz is very healthy
Henri - House Ruler
Chloe - Green Hunt
Honorine - honor, valor
Honori - honor, valor
Hortens - garden
Hyakinze - hyacinth flower

Charline is a human

Chantal - a stone place
Charlotte is a man

Evet - yew tree
Evon - yew tree
Edwige - fighting, militant
Edith - Wealth and Struggle
Elaine - torch, moon, or (more likely) secretly escape
Elian - the sun
Elise - god is my oath
Elin - noble
Elinor - foreign, different
Alison is a noble kind
Elodie - foreign wealth
Eloise is very healthy
Eloise is very healthy
Elonora - foreign, different
Elvir - foreign, true
Emeline - competing
Emily rival
Emmanuel - God is with us
Ann - good, grace
Esm - dear, beloved
Estelle is a star
Esti is a star

Eugenie - Well Born
Yulali - courteous
Yufemi - courteous

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