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Meaning of the name

Frida in translation from German means "peace", "rest".


As a child, Frida is very impressionable and emotional: listening to the story about the troubles that befell someone, she can burst into tears and experience this story in her soul for a long time. She never lies, does not tolerate lies and deceit.

Frida loves her parents very much, but it is very difficult to educate her - she is very rebellious, she herself seeks to command. He does well at school, usually takes a leadership position in the class, has many friends.

Adult Frida is smart, independent women, modest in appearance. This woman knows her worth, is witty and ironic, many are afraid of her tongue, she does not go into her pocket in a dispute, but the conflict itself does not provoke. She devotes a lot of time to social work.

Frida is smart, well-read, her independence of judgment conquers men and arouses hostility among women. She is overly straightforward, which sometimes interferes with her official career.

A woman with this name has great willpower, she cannot be scared or forced to do anything. Frida needs to communicate with people close in spirit and reaches out to them, trying to overcome in herself a dull satisfaction with primitive everyday life.


At first glance, Frida gives the impression of a reserved and unapproachable woman, but this impression is deceiving and dissipates very quickly. In fact, Frida is a person with a rich inner content, she is very sensitive and sexy, wants to please men, to rule over them, is able to respond to the passion of a partner with a vengeance.

In sex, she is a leader, strives first of all to satisfy her own needs, only in the last place remembering her partner. If a man does not suit her in temperament, he leaves him without regret, continuing to search for a more suitable partner.

For a man who can curb her pride and at the same time equal to her in intelligence, Frida can become a devoted wife, although nature has not endowed her with pronounced feminine qualities.

She reigns supreme in her family, her husband's opinion is not very interesting to her. She is unlikely to cheat on her husband, and if she starts a lover, then not for long. She will try to prevent her husband's betrayal, but even having received indisputable evidence of his infidelity, she is unlikely to agree to end the relationship, because Frida will not let the man she loves. She most often entrusts children to the mother or mother-in-law.



A rock

Moonstone, chrysoprase, white pearl, opal, heliotrope, emerald.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Leo.


The sound of the name Fried gives the impression of something sad, weak, passive, slow, short, heavy, angular, frail, quiet, rough, dull, dark.

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