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It is unlikely at the present time, perhaps, to establish with certainty since when such a concept as a family and the family itself, in essence, has existed. People from the first day of their appearance on Earth created families. Perhaps at that time there was still no such principle of creating a family as love and feelings.

For the most part, people united, because they understood: it is impossible to live alone, you need to always have people nearby who will be a support in difficult times.

For primitive people, the family or community was important in order to get food, raise offspring. In any case, a family is something special, not just a decision of two people to live together, have children, raise them.

Family is what brings people together and makes them stronger so that they can cope with life's difficulties together. In addition, when loving people are nearby and family relationships are friendly, then life becomes much easier.

What is a strong, friendly family in which love and understanding reigns, Ukrainians know more than anyone else. Ukrainian families have always been distinguished by their numbers, the more children, the more joy in life. It is the Ukrainians who create their families not just, because there should be a family.

Ukrainians have always strived to create such families in which life will flow calmly, kindly and happily, when each family member will live in love and harmony. There is not a single country except Ukraine in which the traditions of the family have been passed down with such warmth from generation to generation, and they have survived to this day in the same form as they were many years ago.

Ukrainian weddings and holidays are very rich in traditions and rituals, which are always celebrated on a large scale and noisy. What is most interesting, there are several forms of marriage in Ukraine, each of which is unusual and interesting in its own way. Where else can you celebrate a wedding in such an original and different way, as in Ukraine?

Each young couple is given a choice of any form of marriage: stealing a girl, contract wedding, buying a bride, dating a girl before the wedding, and others. Nowadays, some of these forms of marriage are no longer used as often, but they are remembered and there are times when such cases occur.

One of the forms of marriage in Ukraine is the theft of a girl. Positive results mainly, of course, depend on the young man, whether he can immediately hide the girl so that her relatives cannot find her within 24 hours.

In addition, he must propose to the girl and do it so that she agrees. In the event that a girl agrees to marry her kidnapper, then the parents can no longer answer with a refusal, because customs require them to give their daughter in marriage.

The matchmaking of a girl in Ukraine before the wedding was convenient if the girl was cheated by a guy. Then, if matchmakers came to the girl, she had no right to take out a "garbuza" (pumpkin) as is done during refusal, because the wedding was in her interests in order to cover up her sin.

There was another custom in Ukraine, when a wedding could save the life of a person who was sentenced to death. However, today this form of marriage is no longer relevant, and it only remained in the memory. With this form of marriage, a young girl could save a guy sentenced to death if she expressed a desire to marry him.

Early marriages were common in Ukraine, when the age of the bride could reach only 14 years old, but over time this age has increased and now the average age of young people starting a family is the same as in most countries.

Spring is considered the best time for a wedding in Ukraine, because this is the time of the rebirth of all living things after the winter cold. It is not customary to celebrate a wedding in the middle of the week, so the celebrations are always held on weekends. If all customs, traditions and rituals are not observed, then the life of the young will not be happy and prosperous.

For a long time in Ukraine, only wedding customs were used, and church weddings were almost completely ignored. For Ukrainians, a wedding was not considered something special and was presented only in the form of a legal document. After the wedding, young people could already live together for some time and only then play a wedding.

However, the church still managed to ensure that the wedding took place on the wedding day, because a church marriage is a kind of sacrament that provides for an even greater rapprochement of young people with each other and with God. As a result, today church marriages in Ukraine have become an obligatory wedding ceremony.

The entire wedding is held in Ukraine in three stages: pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding stage. Before the wedding, matchmaking, engagement and the bride's show are envisaged. Usually, the house where a girl lives who has already reached the age when she can get married is decorated, thereby showing that the owners of the house are ready to accept matchmakers. In the event that a young man was refused in every house in the village, then they went to look for a bride in the neighboring village.

All matchmaking in Ukraine takes place in the form of jokes, when the matchmaker asks for the girl's hand, from her parents in the form of jokes, fables or funny songs. If a girl refuses a guy, then a "harbuza" is brought into the house, which is considered a symbol of refusal. This is a very interesting custom of the girl's refusal, which has survived to this day precisely because of its originality.

After the matchmaking, the bridegroom takes place, both of the bride herself and the house of the young man, where they look at which house the girl was to live in, and which household to run. The engagement is also a grandiose celebration, which is attended by all relatives, both from the side of the groom and from the side of the bride. Only after the engagement, preparations for the most important celebration begin, which should become the main event in the life of young people.

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