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Meaning of the name

Faina in translation from ancient Greek means "shining", "morning dawn".


At first glance, little Faina is inactive, inert, with a somewhat inhibited reaction. But this is only an appearance: Faina, despite her fullness, is a lively, agile girl, curious and addicted (with the exception of those born in the summer, who are a little lazy).

Outwardly, she looks like her father, she inherited her character from her mother. Faina is nervous and suspicious, often acting under the influence of a sudden inner urge and then lamenting over what was done. She studies well at school, has many friends, mainly among boys.

The adult Faina is gentle, even kind, always ready to help, independent and freedom-loving. She is a very interesting person, she always has her own opinion on any, even the most insignificant incident or fact.

She understands humor well, she knows how to joke, is ironic, smart. She is very hardworking, obligatory and punctual, a wonderful worker, but she feels most comfortable in the male team.

In drawing up work plans for any period, she simply has no equal. She always takes an active part in public life, participates in all events.

Her organizational skills and nimble character must be realized, and Faina often achieves excellent results in the professional field, quickly climbing the career ladder.

Most often he chooses the profession of an accountant, cook, hairdresser, kindergarten teacher. She achieves the greatest success in the field of trade and business.


Men should remember that Faina is a very strong woman and cannot be conquered just for fun. She will never agree to intimacy with a person who has not won her trust, will not conduct conversations on intimate topics, as well as put her personal life on public display.

Faina is looking for a man with a strong and strong-willed character. She doesn't like weak-willed and quiet partners. In sex and love, she is impulsive, active and desperate, does not accept any prohibitions or restrictions.

She is easily carried away by a man, and just as quickly her feelings cool down if the partner does not meet her requirements in anything, although the breakup is not easy for her. After several unsuccessful love affairs, Faina voluntarily condemns herself to loneliness and lives the way she likes, not adhering to generally accepted rules.

It would seem that wonderful intuition should help Faina choose a life partner, but in her first marriage she is often unhappy, although she manifests herself as a hospitable and zealous hostess, a loving mother (if she has a son, he looks like a father, while a daughter is an exact copy of the mother) ... However, Faina's second marriage is more successful.


Dark red, reddish blue, red, brown, violet, a combination of matte emerald with beige brick, lilac, orange.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Faina gives the impression of something quiet, slow.

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