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Traveling to different countries, people also visit museums. With the advent of the sex boom, new museums of erotic art began to appear.

These establishments show the history of intimate relationships, show works of art on this topic. In the 1990s, society as a whole embraced such institutions, calling them museums of eroticism or erotic art.

Today there are such museums in many countries of the world, however, travel guides are often shyly silent about them. But only a few can talk about erotica as an art, and not look like just an advanced sex shop.

Temple of Venus, Amsterdam. This sex museum in Holland boasts the oldest exhibits. This is the most important place to showcase the depth of erotic feelings. A large collection of erotic paintings, photographs, images, objects and even sexual attractions helps in this. All exhibits are provided by the owners and are now exhibited in a 17th century building on Damrak Street. The "Temple of Venus" was opened here in 1985 and since then every year at least half a million people visit it. Three floors of the museum are devoted to sexual artifacts dating back to the 17th-18th centuries. Although it is curious to see what people lived in those days, everything here is pretty innocent. The main intrigue of the museum is the small room waiting for visitors upon exiting. It is written on the door that offensive exhibits are collected inside, and you should enter inside at your own peril and risk. The secret room is filled with such candid photographs that it can shock even those who have seen the most candid.

The second part of the museum is located in the heart of the red light district. The exhibition starts right on the street! A sculpture of a cyclist is already installed near the ticket office, whose linen calls to look under it. In the museum itself you can see obscene drawings made by John Lennon himself. The singer presented these erotic pictures to Yoko Ono as a wedding gift. The success of the museum is understandable. Indeed, before its opening, there were many museums in Amsterdam on any topic. However, no one tried to uncover the artistic and historical nature of sex. But this topic intrigues people, you can tell and show a lot on it. It is possible that the most natural theme for man is also the most historical one. Man lived, evolved and created in an atmosphere of sex. Over the centuries, the art of love has taken multiple forms, which the Temple of Venus tells about.

Museum of Sex, New York. This establishment opened on October 5, 2002 at the corner of 27th Street and Fifth Avenue. The name of the museum sounds like MoSex, which is consonant with the phrase "More sex." The exhibits tell how sexual culture has developed and changed in America over the centuries. The museum has seven permanent exhibitions, and three more projects are implemented on the Internet, they can be viewed online. This museum was founded and managed by Daniel Gluck. When she decided to open an unusual exhibition, she plunged headlong into research into the history, development and significance of his sexuality for a person. Her museum strives to teach people to openly discuss such sensitive but important issues. The public can see here the latest advances in sex scientists. For its exposition, MoSex collects exhibits from all over the world. The collection features materials from different continents that tell about different cultures and time periods. Museum staff are constantly looking for materials by analyzing the media. There are collections of photographs, paintings, videos, and modern devices side by side with ancient exhibits.

The museum is not just an exhibition, but a real center for sex education. After all, he has a rather impressive program of events, including lectures, seminars and even theatrical performances. And in the online store from MoSex, visitors can pick up some erotic products or toys. The only restriction for visitors to the Museum of Sex is age. Those wishing to contemplate the spicy exhibits must be over 18 years old.

Museum of Eroticism, Paris. Paris is a city of love. The atmosphere of romance and free relationships reigns here, it seems that the air itself is saturated with eroticism. It is not surprising that the Museum of Eroticism appeared in such a place. Historically, in Paris, the capital of love and art, two centers of sexual life have developed at once. This is San Denis street, where the signs of strip bars and peep shows are lit around the clock, as well as Pigalle Square, where erotica appears more sophisticated and refined. It is here that the famous Moulin Rouge theater is located. There are many sex-related entertainment venues around this square. It is no coincidence that it was here in 1997 that businessman Joseph Khalifa decided to open an erotic museum, which found understanding and support from the municipal authorities.

The Museum of Eroticism is a collection of spicy art that belonged to the teacher Joe Khalifa and the merchant Alain Plami. Today this establishment at 72 Boulevard Clichy welcomes its visitors from 10 am to 2 am. The collection of the museum contains more than two thousand samples of ancient religious art from Africa, Japan, India. Modernity is also represented here, the collection of the latest erotic items has been collected over the past 30 years. The main focus is still on the East. So, Japan is represented by medieval lacquer miniatures telling about the love of samurai and geisha. China gave porcelain items and fabrics with lovers depicted on them. India and Nepal are represented by bronze temple figurines that depict intertwined bodies. It will be interesting to get acquainted with African masks and wands in the form of huge phalluses. It is said that such items are still used in ritual ceremonies. But the European section is not so rich - Christian morality did not allow liberties. There are frivolous medieval paintings, and even Russian nesting dolls with obscene ditties.

The interior is characterized by soft lighting, marble staircases. This leads to an involuntary comparison with the Louvre. In total, exhibitions occupy as many as 7 floors, the exhibits are divided by age and theme. About 170 thousand people visit the museum annually, most of them are women. This suggests that they are more interested in sexual education than men. In addition, there are exhibits that are clearly intended for enlightenment. For example, a female figure with wires stretched out to her allows anyone to test their knowledge of sex. When touching the erogenous zones, the doll will respond with a languid groan, while the wrong strokes will leave her indifferent. Another model shows all places suitable for intercourse. Streams of water pour from there, which you can quench your thirst for free. The museum is also interesting to visit because it constantly offers something new - all year round it hosts exhibitions of artists and private erotic collections. There is also a store here, which, in addition to standard products, also offers rather rare erotic films from the beginning of the last century.

Beate Uze Museum, Berlin. When the Second World War ended, the soldiers had to learn new professions. German aviator Beate Uze, who miraculously survived the crucible of battles, released a small book that told about the issues of contraception. This brochure has sold 32 thousand copies, income became the foundation for the future fortune of a millionaire. Sex became the main thing in it. Beate Uze passed away at 82 years old and left behind a real business empire worth $ 200 million. It includes sex shops, magazines and cinemas for adults, whole factories of erotic lingerie. And in 1996, Beate opened the largest erotic museum in Europe in the center of Berlin near the zoo.

The collection includes about 5 thousand copies brought to Germany from different parts of the earth. This is painting and sculpture dedicated to the intimate side of human life. Beate Uze was able to collect a fairly large collection of works by the Japanese Harunobu and Utamaro, who became famous for their candid paintings with courtesans and geishas. You should also pay attention to the Chinese silk panels. They depict all the wisdom of sex, such items in the Middle Kingdom were presented to newlyweds for a wedding. The European section is represented equally well. It includes painted trays, playful figurines, unusual pipes and of course erotic drawings and prints. The museum also has its own cinema, where still silent erotic films of the early 20th century are shown.

Museum of Erotica, Barcelona. This museum is one of the most visited in Barcelona, ​​it is located on the Rambla, a popular tourist destination. The entrance ticket costs 9 euros here. The museum was opened in 1997, today there are more than eight hundred exhibits in the collection. They mainly reflect the oriental art of sex. These are sculptures from Ancient India, wooden phalluses from Thailand, porcelain figurines from China and illustrations from the Kamasutra. The collection allows you to see how erotic motives constantly appeared in the culture of different peoples. At the entrance there is a huge wooden phallus that you can touch, as well as an iron machine for sex in the style of the medieval inquisition. This setup is made for ladies, it is suggested to pedal, which drives a piston with a dildo.

Among the works of painting, it is worth noting the works of Picasso, Dali and Miro. There is also a small collection of posters and calendars made in the style of sado-maso in the period 1900-1960s. Contemporary art is represented by a collection of photographs. The collection of pornographic postcards is more fun than exciting. Interestingly, the Museum of Erotica is also accessible to the blind - they are allowed to touch the exhibits.

Museum Erotica, Copenhagen. Denmark was the first country in the world to officially allow pornography. Therefore, it was no coincidence that a museum dedicated to eroticism appeared in this country. There was a place in it for a rather large section dedicated directly to sex without embellishment. A huge phallus, which once served as a decoration for one of the performances of the state ballet, greets guests straight at the entrance.

Another part of the museum composition is also of great interest to visitors. After all, the museum quite boldly talks about the sexual life of great people. There are stories about Charlie Chaplin, Marlene Dietrich, billionaire Onassis and of course the most famous Dane - Hans Christian Andersen. Even children are allowed into this section, however, accompanied by their parents. But only adults can enter the "shock room". But all other exhibits, including spicy videos, are available to visitors of all ages. The most valuable piece of the museum is the dress of Marilyn Monroe, bought at auction for 250 thousand crowns.

Chinese Sex Museum, Shanghai. In medieval China, erotic art received increased attention. Since then, traditions have spread throughout the world, but in the Celestial Empire itself, puritanical customs reign. A sex museum has opened in Shanghai, but it obviously does not suffer from the abundance of visitors. The management complains that not even a dozen people come here every day. But there is something to see in the museum. What is at least a collection of porcelain figurines, of which there are more than a thousand. They depict not only men and women, but also same-sex couples. In the collection there are so many explicit pornographic scenes and even images of orgies that the museum can turn the minds of even savvy and ready for anything Europeans.

The museum has no exact address yet. For a while, he managed to settle in a girls' school. The students looked with interest at the ancient lesbian dildos displayed to attract guests. True, the presence of such a unique sexual collection in the museum only led to a drop in the daily number of visitors to 30 people. Museum curator Lew Dalin said that in such a situation, he could not pay the rent for the premises. Given this state of affairs, the administration of the museum decided to move it to a former girls' school in Tongli city in Yayansu province, perhaps there people will not be so constrained. I must say that this move is not the first. The last time the museum left its place of residence, as the owner of the building forbade hanging the word sex on the facade.

Museum of Sex Machines, Prague. In Prague, they decided to pay special attention to a very specific and rather interesting side of sex life - special machines. These devices help to achieve pleasure, and also allow you to take positions unusual for intercourse. The museum is located on three floors; its halls contain more than 200 exhibits and mechanical products. There was also a place here for a traditional art gallery with items of an erotic theme, a cinema with old films, sexy clothes of antiquity and other things of an intimate theme. There are both chastity belts dating back to the 18th century, and an anti-masturbation device, created less than a hundred years ago.

I must say that this entire collection was collected by Oriano Bizzochi, who opened the Museum of Curiosity in San Marino with the most unusual exhibits. For example, this is the world's first sex swing, which could well be exhibited in Prague. The purpose of creating such an exhibition is to show how people tried to please themselves, finding the most unusual ways for this and even inventing whole machines. The museum presents things that actually existed or could exist over the past half a thousand years.

The hall with sado-masochistic devices is especially popular among visitors. And the main hit of the museum is the electric anti-masturbation machine. Someone came up with the idea that in order to wean adolescents from self-gratification, one must somehow restrain their erection. A lot of clever devices have been invented. The car exhibited in the Prague Museum was created in France in 1915. It is not known how many people were cured (or injured) using such a sex machine.

Cupids of London. This museum is located in the business capital of Europe. Although Paris is considered the main city of love on the mainland, London also has something to show. And let the northern British be considered more cold-blooded and restrained. In the spring of 2007, the Cupids of London opened on Piccadilly Circus, immediately drawing attention to themselves. The museum is entirely dedicated to love and sexual relations. All the rooms here are made in reddish and pink tones, thanks to special lighting, there is a calm intimate atmosphere.

The museum has a total of 9 rooms, which exhibit items dedicated to sexual themes and relationships. I must say that the Cupids of London are a modern museum where technical innovations are boldly used.There are both touch screens and multimedia. At the same time, the materials are still quite decent, in fact, the museum is a kind of encyclopedia of love. It is no coincidence that the museum is mentioned in the serious contemporary literature on intimate relationships.

The museum is also popular because the attitude towards it is extremely ambiguous. On the one hand, such an establishment is a wonder for London. On the other hand, such an original and frank museum shows all the intimate sides of the intimate relationship between a man and a woman. Visitors usually feel constrained, but then they relax and begin to absorb new information. The exposition of the museum was collected not only by sexologists, but also by historians and researchers. They did their best to reveal the secrets of the art of love to visitors. The Amura Museum allows people to open up and discover new facets in themselves. Although the physical side of love is shown here, psychologists say that in order to comprehend it, one must learn to relax. Mastering this science will make you feel calmer and more confident in life.

Loveland, Jeju Island, South Korea. This museum is the most famous of all Asian related subjects. After the war, the Korean Peninsula became a popular honeymoon destination for its mild climate. In the late 1980s, a hotel on Jeju Island began offering evening entertainment that allowed newlyweds to unwind. In addition, in Korea, many weddings still take place by agreement of parents, so that couples get to know each other at the celebration itself. In 2002, about twenty graduates from Seoul University began creating sexy sculptures for the park, which would become a kind of love land for newlyweds.

An open-air museum was opened two years later. It covers an area of ​​two football fields and is home to about 140 of the most diverse sculptures. All of them are devoted to the topic of eroticism and sex, helping people understand the wisdom of this science. Besides Loveland offers to read special literature and manuals. And so that young people do not feel constrained, the work is done with humor and irony - this makes difficult things easier to perceive. In the museum, you can see figures in various sexual positions. There are also stone labia, a large phallus, interactive elements.

In total, about an hour is enough to inspect the park, then you can spend your free time here at your discretion. It also hosts monthly exhibitions of contemporary Korean artists. Only adults are allowed to enter the park, and for those who have not yet turned 18, a special recreation area is offered.

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