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Reward - Living in the Meadow
Nadine - hope
Nadia - hope
Nanni - benefit, grace
Nannaya - benefit, grace
Naomi is nice
Natalie - birthday, or church christmas
Natil - birthday, or church Christmas
Natisha - birthday, or church Christmas
Neva - white race
Nevada - snowy
Nevaeh - heaven
Nel - Nell, Eleanor, Ellen and Helen
Nelda is an abbreviation for longer names ending in "... nelda"
Nel - foreign, other, torch or moon
Nella is an abbreviation for longer names ending in "... nella"
Nelly is a pet
Nellaya is a pet
Nerein - daughter of Nereus
Nerissa - nymph, sea elf
Nessa - emerging
Nessie - emerging
Netta, Nettie is an abbreviation for longer names ending with "... nett"
Nijelia is the champion
Nigella is the champion
Nidia - the nest
Nikesha - cinnamon tree
Nikki - victory of the people
Niccole - victory of the people
Nichol - victory of the people
Nikola - victory of people
Nicolet - victory of people
Nicole - victory of people
Nina is an abbreviation for longer names ending with "... nina"
Nirvana - disappearance (of the soul)
Niri - linen
Nita is an abbreviation for longer names ending with "... nita"
Noah - moving, pushing, trembling
Nova - new
Noeline - christmas, god's birthday
Noel - christmas, god's birthday
Nola is the champion
Nolwen is a saint
Nolin is the champion
Nona - the ninth
Noni - island
Nora - honor, valor
Norey - honor, valor
Noreen - honor, valor
Norine - honor, valor
Norm - standard, rule
Noah - driving, pushing, trembling
Nubia - gold
Natalie - Birthday, or Church Christmas
Nan - good, grace
Nancy - favor, grace

Oanes - chaste, holy
Obrey - the power of the elf
Aubrey - Elf Power
Odie is a noble force
Odra is a noble force
Odrea - noble power
Audrey is a noble force
Ocean - ocean
Octavia - eighth
Olive - olive tree
Olivet - olive tree
Olive - elf army
Olin is a bird
Ollana - beautiful
Ollie - elf army, noble species
Ollison - noble species
Ollin is a bird
Ollisia is a noble species
Omega is the last child
Ondre - human, warrior
Ondrea - human, warrior
Ondria - human, warrior
Ondria - human, warrior
Oneida - permanent, vertical stone
Ondrea - human, warrior
Ondriya - human, warrior
Opal - a gem
Opalin - a gem
Oprah - young deer, young mountain
Ora - to ask
Orabel - golden, beautiful
Orali - golden
Halo - air
Oriana - golden
Eagle - golden princess
Orlag - the golden princess
Orlanda is a famous land
Orna - pine, a little painful
Ornath - a little painful
Orchid - testicle
Hosanna - posture
Aspen - aspen
Austin - venerable
Otom - autumn
Oubri - Elf Power
Owena - Well Born

Padget - small page
Pamela - honey
Pamila - honey
Pansy - Thought
Paris - a city named after the Celtic tribe Paris
Parker is the keeper of the park
Parris - from the name of the city of Paris
Patayans - victim
Patricia is a noblewoman
Patsy is a noblewoman
Patty is a noblewoman
Pattaya - noblewoman
Paula is small
Peggy - pearl
Peyton - Settled
Paige - page
Paimlia - honey
Paimlla - honey
Paisley - church
Penelope - the cunning weaver
Penelope - the cunning weaver
Penny - needle and bobbin
Pearl - pearl
Pearl - pearl
Pearly - pearls
Peronel - stone
Peronel - stone
Persephone - the killer man
Peta - rock, stone
Petronella - stone
Petronel - stone
Petty is a noblewoman
Petula is bold
Petunia - petunia
Payati - pious
Pin - the cunning weaver
Peony - peony
Pieper - playing the trumpet
Pippa is a horse lover
Peace - peace
Pitronella - stone
Planter - nice
Plissance - pleasant
Flight is small
Poletta - small
Poly - sweetheart
Pauline is small
Polina is small
Polly - sweetheart
Polliana - beloved and good, grace
Pollin is small
Poppy - poppy
Portia is a pig
Porsche is a pig
Sow - a bouquet
Posi - bouquet
Prize - praise
Primrose - Sublime
Primrose - sublime
Princess - leader
Pris - Ancient
Prissy - Ancient
Priscilla - Ancient
Pru - discreet and small plum
Prudence - Cautious
Prunella - small plum
Prue - discreet and small plum
Pusi - bouquet, flower
Peg - pearl
Peggy is a pearl
Paige - page
Payton - settled
Pam - honey
Peng - needle and bobbin
Pat is a noblewoman

Raven - crow
Ravenna - crow
Radcliffe - Red Cliff
Raelin - Sheep
Racquel - Sheep
Ralphina the wise wolf
Randa is admirable
Randy is admirable
Randaya is admirable
Rauena - holy spear
Rachael - Sheep
Rachel - sheep
Rachil - sheep
Rachil - Sheep
Rachel - Sheep
Reba - trapping
Rebeca - the trap
Rebecca - The Trap
Rebeccanne - The Trap
Revaa - the trap
Regan is the little queen
Regan the little queen
Regina is the queen
Ray is a sheep
Reilly - Purifying Rye
Rhine - rain
Rexana is the queen
Rexane is the queen
Rena - Born Again
Reni - peace
Renita - born again
Reta - dignity
Ria - lover and conqueror, victory
Regan is the little queen
Rika is an abbreviation for longer names ending in "... rika"
Rikena is powerful and brave
Ricky is powerful and brave
Ricky is powerful and brave
Rikendra - powerful and brave
Riley - cleansing rye
Rilly - Rye Cleansing
Rin - Reborn
Rina is an abbreviation for longer names ending with "... rina"
Rinna - Virgo
Rio - river
Ripley - a cleared strip of land
Rita is an abbreviation for longer names ending in "... rita"
Richardine is powerful and brave
Richell - Powerful and Brave
Richie is powerful and brave
Robbie - famous
Robin - famous
Roberta - famous
Robertina - famous
Roby - famous
Robin - famous
Robina - famous
Rowan - slight redness
Roelin - Sheep and Lake
Roz - gentle horse, protector of horses
Rose - raising
Rosabel - beautiful
Rosalyn is a gentle horse
Rosalina is a gentle horse
Rosalind is a gentle horse
Rosamond - protecting the horse
Rosamund - horse protection
Rosean - grace
Rosaulin - a gentle horse
Roscharn - Rose from Sharon
Roselyn is a gentle horse
Rosenne - rose
Rosie - rose
Rosinn - grace
Rosemary - rosemary
Roseanne - grace
Rayas - famous, prominent
Roxanne - Dawn
Roxanne - Dawn
Roxanne - Dawn
Roxy - Dawn
Roksaya - dawn
Roxane - Dawn
Romei - rosemary (herb)
Romy - rosemary (herb)
Romaine - Roman
Rona is a wise ruler
Rhonda - noisy
Roni - Winner
Ronit is a little graceful
Ronnet is a wise ruler
Ronnie - Victory, Wise Ruler
Ronolda is a wise ruler
Rosi - rose
Rosinn - grace
Rosita - rose
Roslyn is a gentle horse
Rose - horse
Rowena - holy spear
Rowan - slight redness
Rochel - rest
Roshin - a small rose
Rubai - ruby
Ruby - ruby
Ruby - contemplative
Ruby - ruby
Ruth - friendship
Ruthie - friendship
Rheia - the waters of birth
Rhetta - advice
Rhyanna - Virgo
Rhinna - Virgo
Rhoda - rising
Rhona is a wise ruler
Rhonda - noisy
Ryana is the little queen
Ryanne is the little queen
Rebekah - the trap
Rebekah - the trap
Raylene is a wise protector
Raymond is a wise protector
Rain is the queen
Rachel - Sheep

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