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Meaning of the name

Eleanor, a derivative form of the ancient Greek "eleos" - "my light".


As a child, Eleanor is a nervous, capricious child. Her mood often changes. Little Eleanor is very sensitive, does not adapt well to the new environment.

Growing up, Eleanor becomes a little more balanced. Eleanor is a very attractive person - she is slim, beautiful and unusually talented, she enjoys dizzying success with men.

Eleanor knows how to be friends, friends appreciate her kindness and honesty. Eleanor loves to receive guests, she does not like to leave her cozy and warm home for a long time. Family values ​​are of great importance to her.

Eleanor is suitable for professions that do not require travel on long business trips. Eleanor has an analytical mind. Before making a decision, she will weigh all the pros and cons, analyze the situation, and make the right decision. Taking advantage of her bright appearance, Eleanor skillfully manipulates people.

She marries for convenience, but is usually happy in marriage. Eleanor's husband is a wealthy person who has a certain "weight" in society. Eleanor is used to a beautiful life, and she spends her husband's money without restrictions.

Eleanor, born in winter, usually reaches significant heights in the professional field, but in her personal life she is unlucky.


Eleanor is a bright personality who loves to be in the spotlight. She loves to dream, thinks up a romantic image for herself, and compares her chosen ones with him. Eleanor lives in her dreams, similar to a fairy tale. Her chosen one, as a rule, is a romantic, delicate, modest young man, not fully matured.

However, about one third of Eleanor prefer the complete opposite in their choice - an unrestrained, rude, man with a kind of animal magnetism. All Eleanors avoid men who are gallant, courageous, intelligent, reasonable.

Eleanor, born in winter, establishes strong bonds with a not very temperamental man. They live happily ever after.

Eleanor, born in the summer, takes the initiative into her own hands in relationships and sex. She likes to talk to her partner about their closeness. Always speaks to his beloved gentle words, compliments, and expects the same from him. She gets married several times.


Lemon yellow.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Cancer.


The sound of the name Eleanor gives the impression of something beautiful, loud, bright.

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