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Meaning of the name

Bronislava in translation from Old Slavonic means "glorious defender".


Bronislava is a "home" girl, she is often sick, so her parents do not send her to kindergarten. She is vulnerable and shy, very similar to her father, but in character - to her mother. Bronislava is kind, loves animals, can bring home a homeless puppy or kitten, for which she often gets from her parents.

Bronislava is not childishly obligatory and honest, she does well at school. He is engaged in music, ballet, keeps his children's toys touching until the age of majority.

Growing up, these girls become just as meek, kind, vulnerable, but somewhat suspicious (the latter applies only to "summer").

Born in winter, more impulsive natures, they will defend their point of view more persistently than their "summer" namesakes. They are accurate and punctual, do not tolerate deception and will not deceive anyone.

Bronislava is distinguished by her exactingness towards herself and others, so she does not get married for a long time. However, having married, she becomes a hospitable, skillful hostess, a devoted wife and a good mother. She and her daughter are not bad - she is devoted to her parents and takes care of them until old age.

By profession, these women are most often teachers, engineers, music teachers, salespeople, accountants.

The harsh name Bronislav can cause this woman to develop a rather painful vanity. Some women have rough features or an angular figure in about the same way. Well, painful pride, as you know, is a rather powerful engine of fate.

There are not so many options here - it happens that Bronya begins to emphasize her femininity with her behavior, she carefully monitors herself, controls her actions - and this betrays her rather insecure nature.

In this case, Bronislava usually avoids noisy companies, and instead of her characteristic mobility in her demeanor, stiffness begins to appear. This greatly prevents her from gaining recognition from men, which can further deepen the inferiority complex. However, as soon as she gets married, this stiffness usually disappears, which, of course, is more favorable, although it may come as a surprise to her husband.

Another variant of Bronislava's behavior allows her to reveal much better the positive aspects of her character and suggests a certain boyishness in her behavior. She is mobile, has a good sense of humor, is very independent and knows how to stand up for herself. Nevertheless, a certain poise will not hurt her.

Even if Bronislava behaves uncertainly and stiffly, try not to forget about her expansiveness - as soon as you become one of her close people, with whom her stiffness disappears, a noticeable impulsiveness and impulsiveness can appear in Bronislava's behavior. A balanced gentle humor acts most favorably in communication with her.


Bronislava belongs to the middle type of sexual constitution, meanwhile she herself considers herself to be sexually cold women. This is usually a consequence of Bronislava's dissatisfaction with her intimate life.

She gets married early and at first does not experience any sexual attraction, moreover, her husband's sexual activity may even be unpleasant to her. Only after the birth of the child does she begin to enjoy sexual intimacy.

Bronislava very slowly gets rid of prejudices, from the ideas instilled in her about what the sexual behavior of a married woman should be.

Bronislava, born in the summer, manages to quickly overcome her complexes, overcome shyness. Her taste for intimate life also develops under the influence of acquired knowledge; she is keenly interested in erotic literature, watches erotic films with curiosity and listens to the stories of her friends.

In Bronislava's sexual behavior, a lot depends on the man, his ability to light her up. He should gradually introduce her into the world of sex, and not try to act as a "cavalry swoop."

Her passion flares up slowly, her need for tenderness is unusually great, she willingly accepts male affection. Moreover, they can mean more to her than intercourse itself, and if a man acts without preparation, Bronislava's desire for intimacy can completely disappear.

Conversely, affectionate touching, stroking, a look that expresses love can be the beginning of an erotic game that will lead to a flash of passion and to the highest mutual satisfaction.

Bronislava rarely changes partners, she is very affectionate, in addition, few of them can give her what she expects from a real man.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Bronislav gives the impression of something good, majestic, rude, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, mobile, active, bright.

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