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Meaning of the name

Slavic means "glorious defender".


The name has good strength, which is favorably combined with mobility. This name can endow Bronislav with an independent and active character, give him self-confidence, persistence in achieving goals and the ability to be decisive.

At the same time, Bronislav's pride is quite active, which determines his strong reaction to any insults and attempts on his honor and dignity. In other words, he always considers it necessary to "save face" and give a decisive rebuff.

Moreover, often, confident in his righteousness, Bronislav may not even notice that he has long exceeded the measure of necessary self-defense. This is especially acute in childhood and adolescence, when he may come into confrontation with educators and teachers, and in some cases with law enforcement agencies.

With age, Bronislav most often becomes more calm, and his inner strength and mobility of mind find expression in a sense of humor. Usually, despite numerous conflicts in his youth, his pride does not become painful.

Bronislav rarely looks for ways to assert himself and simply prefers to live with his own mind. Of course, his independence can somewhat hinder his career, but this is unlikely to greatly upset him, because he is used to relying on his own strength.

Best of all, his character is manifested in any independent business, it is more difficult for him to work under someone else's command. Nevertheless, with the persistence and flexible mind of Bronislav, he has many chances to succeed in business. In addition, the ability to compassion is often noted in his nature, and therefore many Bronislavs perfectly realize themselves in medicine.

The most important thing that he should be afraid of is some addiction to alcohol and other dangerous habits, which over time can destroy his fate and family life.

In childhood, they are stubborn and cunning, with an unstable nervous system. They are very similar to their mother both in appearance and in character. At school they are cocky, stubborn, I do everything in spite. Bronislava's adults are calmer. Stubborn and principled, they study well, successfully graduate from institutes. By profession - engineers of mathematics, historians, waiters, administrators, teachers, pilots, surgeons.

They sort out brides and do not get married for a long time, because they love themselves very much. They are lucky in life, they are flexible and know how to do business. In the family, non-leaders prefer to cede this role to the wife.

Complex natures, not very talkative. Carefully choose their friends. Good analysts, they think everything in advance. They have good intuition, they are brave. In extreme situations, they are collected, always stand for a just cause and often suffer because of this. They go in for swimming and jogging, but only for health.

They love memoirs and adventure literature. They are hardworking. They are cunning, make a career in a good sense of the word, excellent speakers, they have a beautiful handwriting. Some Bronislavs are lazy, like to sleep in the morning, calmly react to difficult situations.


Sexuality for Bronislav is the main criterion when choosing a partner. According to his life experience, sex takes almost the first place in family well-being.

Bronislav is a delicate, sensual person, as a rule, he experiences violent passions, especially with a "winter" woman. Her lovemaking during sexual foreplay easily brings him to orgasm. During the period of communication with such a woman, Bronislav is in a state of recovery, his energy and activity in the professional sphere increase several times.

For Bronislav, such a connection can be favorable only at the stage of light, unconstrained love relationships, he should not create a family with a "winter" woman.

Bronislav does not tolerate vulgarity, even in a state of a nervous breakdown, he does not allow himself liberties. Unobtrusive, but unbridled in sex, too passionate. He is a good psychologist, well versed in the female soul. Knows how to arouse a partner, is well aware of the erogenous zones of each of his friends.

Bronislav is assertive and can always get what he needs from his partner. He does not expect sophistication and fantastic passions from her, but he himself possesses all this and will be able to please a woman and get pleasure himself.

Bronislav is not an egoist in sex: even without feeling passionate about her partner, she will try to satisfy her. The surest way to get him an erection in a matter of minutes is fellatio.

Depending on the situation, Bronislav has new sexual ideas, it happens impromptu, as an expression of feelings. He knows his own worth as a man, but he never uses it to the detriment of a woman. She treats her partner, even a passing acquaintance, with deep respect. He loves women, is used to easy victories.

Many women achieve Bronislav, so that he does not have unnecessary problems, and this gives him the opportunity to direct the main energy to other life goals. Bronislav is vain; both in sex, and in life in general, he is driven primarily by the desire to dominate and excessive ambition.

He strives to achieve perfection in everything, including in sexual relations, gradually gains experience and becomes an unsurpassed partner. He watches erotic films with interest, reads sexual literature. He is inclined to analyze the actions of a woman during intercourse, compare her with the previous one, and, based on the conclusions made, give lessons to the third.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Bronislav gives the impression of something good, majestic, rough, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, mobile, fast, active, bright.

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