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We use the name Chikatilo to frighten. And they themselves, fortunately, are reliably isolated from society.

John Wayne Gacy, Jr. (1942-1999). This maniac has been rampaging for only 6 years, but during this time he managed to rape and kill at least 33 young men. Gacy's involvement in the remaining murders remained unproven. After the perpetrator was arrested, the police found 27 dead bodies in the basement of his home in Illinois. The rest of his victims were found in the river a little later. Some of them were in obscene positions, with dildos or dicks in their mouths. The maniac loved to earn money at children's parties, dressing up as a clown in a red wig. For this Gacy was nicknamed "Pogo Clown" and "Killer Clown". The series of murders was based on a sexual motive. In 1980, the offender was sentenced to death, but the sentence was carried out only 14 years later by lethal injection.

Theodore Robert Bundy (1946-1989). The execution of the criminal was carried out in 1989 with the help of an electric chair. But memories of his brutal activities, which began in 1974, are still horrifying. When the maniac was caught, he confessed to more than thirty murders. But the investigation assumed that the number of victims could have been over a hundred. At the same time, the maniac did not just calmly and quickly kill his victims - he liked to preliminarily strangle people doomed to death. Bundy also raped the people he had captured, while he did not know any prohibitions in his sexual activity. His sexual contacts were committed not only with living people, but also with already dead people.

Sergey Tkach (born 1952). This case turned out to be quite difficult for the investigators. After all, it was in the internal affairs bodies that Tkach served at one time. From 1980 to 2005, he raped and then killed 29 girls and women. Several victims of rape were lucky to survive. The maniac himself claims to have taken the lives of 80 to 100 people. Several people were convicted of the crimes committed by him and served a prison term. In 2008, Tkach was sentenced to life imprisonment. In his own aggression towards the female sex, the maniac blames his ex-wives, who turned him into a monster. The killer's extraordinary cunning helped him to remain unpunished for a long time. For example, he carefully concealed his tracks, and left the scene of the crime along the sleepers so that the dogs could not take his trail.

Donald Harvey (b. Now his life sentence Harvey is serving in the colony of Northern Idaho. And before going to prison he worked in a hospital. The maniac called himself the "Angel of Death." After twenty years of work in medicine, he helped die 87 of his So he claims, and the investigators attribute to Harvey from 36 to 57 murders. The orderly killed people with cyanide, insulin and arsenic. As a result, the victims died long and painfully. At the same time, the killer did not limit himself in the methods of committing violence. Some of his victims he choked, and sometimes even pierced their insides with the pointed end of a hanger, infected with hepatitis, and turned off life support devices.

Moses Sithole (born 1964). This maniac received the nickname "South African Strangler" for his bloody activities. He was awarded a total of 2,410 years in prison. In his secluded hideout, Sithhole was able to torture and kill 38 people. The perpetrator also carried out 40 more rapes. It is clear that the killer will not be able to stay in prison for the entire term. And he will not live to see old age. After all, he was diagnosed with AIDS in 2000, which will significantly shorten his life span. The maniac was infamous for the small interval between his crimes. He completed all of them in just a year. In 1994, Sithhole was released from prison, in 1995 he was imprisoned there again. This time forever.

Bell Sorenson Gunness (1859-1908). It's not just men who become maniacs. This woman operated for several decades, during which time about 40 people became her victims. Born Brinhield became a real symbol of female madness and cruelty. She herself did not spend a single day at work, and received funds for her living from insurance companies. They compensated her for the death of her loved ones, not suspecting who skillfully killed them. Bell herself was a very imposing lady, weighing 91 kilograms and 173 centimeters tall. She cold-bloodedly started her business with her husband and children, then potential suitors began to fall into her clutches. In those days, such body shapes were considered quite attractive in men, as evidenced by the number of victims of a cold-blooded killer. Bell herself received the nickname "Black Widow". But her death is shrouded in mystery. Once she simply disappeared, the police after some time found her decapitated corpse. Until now, it is not clear whether it was the criminal herself or she faked her death in this way. Indeed, at the time of the examination, the DNA material was not enough to confirm the death of the bloody killer.

Ahmad Suraji (1951-2008). The Iranian herder confessed to the murders of 42 women. They were all of different ages, and the bloody chain stretched for 11 years. The maniac first tracked down his victims, and then vigorously killed them. In doing so, he used his own cruel rite. Suraji buried women in the ground up to their throats, and then choked them with a piece of cable. The killer was assisted in his actions by three wives, who were also convicted. Ahmad himself said that a prophetic dream pushed him to such atrocities. In it, his father appeared to him, who predicted the glory of a healer if a man would kill 70 women and taste their saliva. The son could not doubt these words and more than half carried out his plan. In 2008, the authorities shot the criminal.

Alexander Pichushkin (born 1974). After the end of the trial, the media dubbed the maniac "The Chessboard Killer." The fact is that the maniac intended to kill exactly 64 people, according to the number of cells on the chessboard. After each victim, one of her cells was closed. According to the killer, he almost carried out his plan, killing 61 people. At the trial, Pichushkin's involvement in 48 murders was proved, which was enough for a maniac's life imprisonment. He committed the first murder at the age of 18, a classmate of Alexander became the victim. Finally, the psyche of the maniac took shape after the trial of Chikatilo, Pichushkin realized that he wanted to be like that and even surpass in the number of victims. The killer launched his activities on the territory of the Bitsevsky forest park. He lured homeless people and alcoholics into the depths, promising them free drinks, and then breaking their heads with a bat. Soon, the maniac began to hunt friends, since he was especially pleased to kill them.

Gary Leon Ridgway (born 1949). This maniac, nicknamed the "River Man", claims that in 16 years in Washington state he was able to kill more than 90 women. As a result, the court was able to prove 48 murders, and the criminal confessed to their commission. The methods he used were truly brutal. First of all, he quenched his sexual passion and tortured the victims, then he strangled them with ropes, cables or fishing lines. Even necrophilia was in his play. If the maniac did not have time to take possession of it during the life of the victim, then he entered into sexual contact with the corpse. In 2003, Ridgway fully confessed to the atrocities, and his death penalty was commuted to life imprisonment.

Anatoly Onoprienko (born 1959). The maniac nicknamed "The Terminator" admitted that in six years of his hunt for people, he killed 52 people. Onopriyenko calculated that the points of accomplishment of his acts on the map of Ukraine should form a cross. According to the maniac, all his actions are controlled by certain voices that are heard in his head. When Onopriyenko was arrested, they found with him a gun that was featured in his early murders, and personal belongings of the killed people. He himself attacked people on highways and in remote homes. Maniac in 1999 was sentenced to death by a court, but soon it was commuted to life imprisonment.

Andrey Chikatilo (1936-1994). This maniac is also of Ukrainian origin. For his actions, he received the nicknames "Red Ripper", "Rostov Butcher" and "Rostov Ripper". The killer operated from 1978 to 1990, during which time he killed 52 people. The most common victims were women and children. Chikatilo tried to rape them, but this did not always succeed. But he received sexual pleasure, watching the suffering of dying people. The maniac brought death to his victims, trying to have sexual intercourse with them. In 1994, the killer got what he deserved - the death penalty interrupted his life with a shot in the back of the head.

Pedro Alonso Lopez (born 1948). This Colombian assassin still continues to scare people, as he never got caught. His whole life is a continuous drama. Lopez himself was a victim of molestation, had sex with his sister, and visited a pedophile's den. When the boy grew up, he himself began to beat, rape and defile, as if in revenge on life. Even as a teenager, Lopez became a killer, his master became the first victim. He, like his other three clients, was also skinned by the killer. As a result, the number of victims of the maniac exceeded all known cases. He was nicknamed "The Monster of the Andes". During interrogation, Lopez indicated the burial places of 110 of his victims, claiming to have killed more than 300 people in total. But in Ecuador, where the trial took place, there is no death penalty. As a result, Lopez served 16 years in prison, having been released in 1999. Its current whereabouts are unknown. Lopez even got into the Guinness Book of Records as the bloodiest maniac in the world.

Yang Xinhai (1968-2004). This Chinese maniac in 4 years of his activity was able to kill 67 people. Xinhai's criminal life began as a petty thief, but soon he moved from theft to violence and murder. The maniac often infiltrated residential buildings and massacred entire families. At the same time, he had a saw and an ax from his weapon. Yang killed children and raped pregnant women, for his inhumanity the Chinese gave him the nickname "Monster Killer". He traveled around the country by bicycle. When Xinhai was arrested, he said that the killings gave him pleasure. By the verdict of the court, the maniac was shot in 2004.

Pedro Rodriguez Filho (born 1954). This maniac is called "Little Pedro the Killer." After all, he killed more than a hundred people in his life. Most of them stayed with Filho in prison, being prisoners, like himself. In 2003, the killer went to jail after confessing to killing 70 people. Among them was the maniac's father. The court sentenced Filho in total to 128 years in prison, but Brazilian laws will not allow the maniac to be behind bars for more than 30 years.

Elizabeth Bathory (1560-1614). This woman went down in history as the "Bloody Duchess". The Duchess worked alongside her four assistants. The court found her guilty of the murder of 600 women. Moreover, most of them were virgins. Bloodlust developed in Bathory after her husband passed away from battle wounds. Personally, the duchess was found guilty of the murder of 80 women, but never officially appeared before the court. The noble family decided not to bring the matter to public hearings, simply imprisoning Elizabeth in the dungeon of her own castle. The Duchess passed away four years after the hearing. But the case could not be hushed up, the fame of the bloody tormentor spread throughout Europe. She began to be ranked among the successors of the work of Count Dracula. Immediately, many legends about Bathory appeared. So, they said that she loved to swim in a bathtub filled with the blood of virgins. The Duchess believed that this would help her rejuvenate. As a result, Bathory went down in human history as the most cruel female killer.

Javed Iqbal (1956-2001). This maniac chose to commit suicide. In 2001, his body was opened in a prison in Pakistan, showing signs of numerous severe beatings on the body. At one time, the court found Iqbal guilty of rape and murder of more than a hundred children. But the matter is far from over. After all, after the death of the maniac, it turned out that many of the victims attributed to him were alive. Iqbal himself confessed to killing hundreds of children. The perpetrator said that he first strangled them, and then cut the corpses into pieces, destroying the evidence in acid. At the scene of the crime, the maniac indicated to the investigation, the remains of bodies, their photographs and things were found. Given the method used by the killer, it is impossible to accurately determine the number of his victims.

Tag Behram (1765-1840). It is believed that this maniac killed a thousand people. He served in India from 1790 to 1840. Behram stood at the head of the brutal Tagi Cult gang. This bloody community attacked weary travelers and strangled them with a special, ritual piece of cloth. The bandits believed that only after performing such a deadly rite it would be possible to rob the dead.

Louis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos (born 1957). The maniac received a very eloquent nickname - "The Beast". Now he is serving time in Colombia, the court sentenced him to 22 years in prison. In 1999, the offender confessed to having committed 140 rapes and then murders of boys. And according to rumors, in fact, the number of victims was twice as high. But Cubillos cooperated with the investigation and indicated the location of the remains of his victims, as well as provided evidence for his crimes. That is why the maximum term of 30 years according to local laws was reduced by 8. But in the country not so long ago, changes in criminal law were adopted, which makes it possible to increase the duration of the imprisonment of a maniac. I must say that there are all prerequisites for this. After all, the police believe that Cubillos committed many more murders than was previously proven.

Gilles de Rais (1404-1440). This nobleman, marshal and alchemist went down in history as well as an ally of Jeanne D'Arc. It is believed that it was he who served as the prototype for the fairytale character "Bluebeard". The judges charged Gilles with the murder of two hundred children, whom he allegedly sacrificed to the devil. De Rais was excommunicated, hanged, and his body burned. It should be noted that historians have doubts that the attributed murders were committed by de Rae. After all, he refused to the last accusations, confessing only under the threat of torture.

Harold Frederick "Fred" Shipman (1946-2004). This criminal has the longest list of proven murders. It is he who is rightfully considered the bloodiest serial killer in history. The court has proven 218 murders he committed, but the exact number could be much larger. Shipman was once an ordinary family doctor, respected in the area. But later he turned into "Doctor Death". The killer gave his patients lethal injections of heroin, with most of the victims being women. Although Shipman was sentenced to life in prison, he decided not to wait for his natural demise. The killer spent only 6 years in the cell, after which he hanged himself. After the high-profile case, significant amendments were made to the legislation of England in the field of health care medicine.

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