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Social networks are very popular in the world today. In our country, the famous "Facebook" has fewer fans than domestic counterparts - "Odnoklassniki" and "VKontakte". It is the second network that is today the largest in the CIS, uniting over 100 million users.

The VKontakte interface is quite simple, and the functionality is clear. Nevertheless, the site has its own secrets, having learned which, it will be much easier for the user to work.

Deleting a page. There are always those who do not like the service for one reason or another. For a long time, it was very difficult to delete your page from VKontakte. Users simply did not know where such a button is located. And the creators either hid it deep in the menu, or simply did not give such an opportunity. This is understandable - there is a struggle on the market for each user, you cannot give him the opportunity to leave. But now the network has become very popular, the creators are no longer afraid to provide such an opportunity to the dissatisfied. To do this, go to the "My Settings" menu and at the very bottom click on the link "You can delete your page". Next, you need to choose a reason for such a step. At the same time, the authors of the site came up with humor to this step, offering very funny reasons for deleting an account. Next, you should press the "Delete page" button and a window will appear indicating that such an action has been taken. True, there is also a link where you can restore the page. This is very useful, because a person can suddenly change their minds.

Bypassing the ban on visiting "VKontakte". Often, the management of companies fights with their employees so that they do not visit this social network. After all, communication is so addictive that there is simply no time left for work. However, in this case, there is a way out - using intermediate servers or proxies. You can easily find a list of them on the Internet. In the case of a proxy, you need to register it in the network settings of the browser. However, this step is risky from a security point of view, because passwords go through unknown resources. There are also special plug-ins for some browsers that will organize their work through a proxy server themselves. So it is worthwhile to pre-study user reviews in search of a truly reliable partner site.

Third party programs and services. Many users dream of gaining access to some "secret" features of the site. This is viewing other people's messages, and identifying page guests, viewing closed profiles, increasing the rating ... To accomplish this task, many sites offer to download this or that program. Only here antiviruses for some reason swear at them, and the applications themselves first of all ask to enter the login and password into the social network. Is it any wonder that your account ends up being lost? Therefore, there can be only one advice in this case - do not trust dubious programs and try to deceive the system. The result can be disastrous. A similar story is with third-party services that offer to visit VKontakte through them, if this social network is closed at work. Such resources often steal user passwords.

Browser scripts. Almost all modern browsers support scripting and plugins. Some of them can make the user's life much easier. It is worth choosing such scripts for yourself, given their capabilities. You can find them, including on the site userscripts.org. Greasmonkey for Mozilla Firefox is a prime example. It will add some very useful functionality to VKontakte pages. Thus, the "Download" link will appear among the list of audio recordings. It is also possible to remove ads and banners, change text emoticons to graphical ones, fix the main menu when scrolling the page and other features. It is not difficult to find scripts that will help browsers download videos from social network pages.

Switch language. Today it is already possible to easily change the language of the VKontakte interface. There are three ways to do this. First of all, you can, after leaving your profile, see a list of languages ​​at the bottom of the site. Just click on any one you like. If the user is already logged into his profile, then at the very bottom of his page, where the copyright icon and years are located, there is a link to the current language. By clicking on it, you can change this parameter. You can also do this in the "My Settings" menu. Among the menus, the penultimate one is responsible for "Regional settings". There you can also change the interface language.

Star VKontakte. There are many stars among the tens of millions of social network users. After all, their interests largely coincide with ordinary people. But for every star there are a dozen, or even more, clones. These accounts have photos of a celebrity, write on her behalf and communicate with fans. Each clone claims to be a real person. Determining where the profile of a real star is is quite difficult. Therefore, you should not trust the first found Philip Kirkorov or Anfisa Chekhova. It is better to check the information about the VKontakte star's account on her official website. One thing is for sure, most celebrities, especially young ones, are indeed registered on this social network.

Account protection. Security issues always appear on popular resources. It is not difficult to find sites that offer passwords to VKontakte accounts or methods of how to get them. What's a poor user to do? Can he feel safe? In fact, it is worth knowing that hackers use either a simple brute-force attack on numbers or a dictionary attack, which contains the most frequently used words, to guess a password. Knowing this technique, it is not difficult to formulate rules for creating your own password. First of all, it doesn't have to be short. Better than a password would be at least 8 characters. It is best to use numbers in addition to letters, and adding one or more capital letters or special characters to the password will make it completely safe. For example, attackers will definitely not be able to find the password "21OlechkA7 # 8". Another recommendation is to be corny vigilant. You should not keep your password on a piece of paper in your purse or enter it in third-party programs or sites. Also, an antivirus must be installed on the computer and it is desirable to have a firewall.

Mobile version. Today, many users tend to get into the social network from their mobile device - phone or tablet. A mobile version of the site, m.vk.com, has been created especially for them. It has been simplified and adapted for viewing on such devices, which makes navigation through the sections much easier. And the traffic will be spent much less, which often becomes critical.

Multicast message. It often happens that it is necessary to send the same message to several recipients at once. This can be a congratulation on some holiday or an invitation to a group, to an event. VKontakte offers to create a multicast message. To do this, go to "My messages" and click the "Write a message" button. Then, in the "Recipient" field, you just need to select all those who need to deliver this letter one by one.

Recovery of deleted material. If a photo, audio, video or message was deleted by mistake, you can restore it. You just need to stay on this page by clicking the "Restore" button.

Remain invisible. Staying offline for your friends is sometimes very appropriate. After all, you really want to shield yourself from friends and not respond to a stream of messages. And this is quite simple to do. When you enter the site, you must go not to the main page of your profile, but to any section. This can be "My messages", "My groups", etc. You can also surf your friends' profiles, in this case, you should also avoid the home page. To constantly use the link you want, just add it to your favorites.

Cancel "Like". Often users click on the heart after the "Like" message. But what if you want to withdraw your vote? The solution is quite simple - you need to click on the heart again and the counter will decrease by one. This will undo the action.

How to find out the user's email. Despite the fact that the VKontakte administration does not give legal ways to find out the user's email address, there is still a way out. After all, sometimes you need to find out the email of a person who rarely logs into his profile. In this case, it is worth contacting his friends, they can help in the search. In extreme cases, by the name and surname of the person and his city, you can try to find a phone number on the Internet. Perhaps there will be traces on another social network or on Skype / ICQ. But you should not trust third-party programs, for the above reasons.


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